Nike Infinity G | Budget Friendly Golf Shoes

Hey everyone, we are back with another episode of Sole’d Look. Now, for this episode we will be focusing on another golf shoes that is budget friendly and simple.

We have here the Nike Infinity G priced at P3,195.00 (PHP) or $70.00 (USD) from Nike App or, this budget friend golf shoes keeps the design simple where it can fit any style of the player.

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Thank you and Keep moving FORE-ward!

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    4 Replies to “Nike Infinity G | Budget Friendly Golf Shoes”

    1. Can these spikes be replaced? The spikes on the outer part of the shoe?

    2. Cc117 cc117 says:

      Are these water proof

    3. Please take your mask off when you're outside.

    4. Jech Tiu says:


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