Rick Shiels hits 30 shots with the new Nike Vapor Fly irons to see how the Best, Average and Worst shots perform using GC2 and HMT



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    1. Play with them for 7yrs now … Enjoy them and thanks for the review it helped in the decision when sizing for them.

    2. David says:

      Late to the party Rick. Just bought a used set.

    3. The original pro combo forged from 2002 or was it 03, they look great now, and if Nike was still around and brought those out they'd fit right in with those fake rivets and all, light stock steel shaft, pretty neat grips with the plastic medallion in the butt end,,, back then I wasn't impressed at all just looking at them and the eight hundred dollar price. I liked the idea of a real honest blended set of irons, I was doing that but really mixing and matching….hoping, but all the equipment manufacturers started offering similar mixed sets, or blended as we call it now. These here just look too toyish really, almost toys r us stuff, no matter how well they work. I am taking an interest in Nike golf clubs these days, despite their pulling out of golf equipment, or maybe because of it.

    4. i Bee Amazin says:

      LMFAO I started golfing during covid and bought the Callaway Edge Costco set. Today my girlfriend made us stop at a garage sale and I didnt want to. Found a set of Nike Pro combos, she was asking $200 and i got em for $145. I swear to god they are MINT. The 7 iron and P are the only ones that even show wear, look lile they hit 3 balls. 3 and 4 look like they have never even been swung. Grips are good too. I'm stoked! Shot a 94 in my first game with them.

    5. Hahaha loving the comments of super young Rick that has the presence of a 50+ ear old. Too cool for school!

    6. Martin says:

      These have got my name written all over them! Cheers Rick, you've mind my mind up i am having these clubs come next payday ❤

    7. Should I pay 350 usd for a brand new set now?

    8. Rick, I'm a high handicap 19-year-old and I don't play a lot but I was recommended to get Nike irons for their forgiveness. Would you recommend the VRS 2.0 Covert irons or the vapor fly and why. Which is more forgiving. Would really help out! Thank you!!

    9. I really want a set of vapor fly pro can your help me out

    10. M says:

      So i know im a little late and you probably wont reply but i want to get into golfing if this a good set to start off with

    11. ratburn14 says:

      I shoot low 90s to high 80s. Interested in Nike clubs. Which do you recommend between these and the vapor speed pertaining to forgiveness? Thanks.

    12. Carlos Nope says:

      I have a set of clubs that I bought and I’m new. I want to get fitted for clubs. So I get my current clubs fitted for me? Or do I get fitted and have to buy a new set?

    13. David Cole says:

      Did you ever try Nike Sumo irons? Curious to what you think of those. Yes they are 10 Year old Tech, but Ebay has set for $70 right now very little used.

    14. Dom Mitchell says:

      To cool for school ??? Better not use a yellow ball around this guy lol

    15. ninja says:

      Ugly in my opinion

    16. Brad Collins says:

      How do these compare back to the Pro Combos from the prior release?

    17. And I would agree with what I just said.

    18. IIISW ILIII says:

      I'm pissed they didn't make the black ones for lefty…

    19. New golfer andni think dick has these for 400 something i think I'm gonna grt them ! Sincr they are so forgiving

    20. Johnny Mc says:

      This is a very good video and might just get these 3-PW ⛳️🏌🏾

    21. Cheng Xiao says:

      Never buy nike clubs

    22. Steve Ellis says:

      I'm 25 and just bought these and there beeeaaautiful!

    23. What program is he using to get this data?

    24. Good job Fella!  This is my first time of watching any of your videos, sorry!  Have to say though, I loved it, would rather watch and listen to you than some other "Celebrity" Youtubers 🙂 keep it up and I'm looking forward to watching more! All the best

    25. The fAK says:

      got from vaping to this

    26. Keket666 says:

      You,re english, Nike not Nike'e. Good review tho. Thanks

    27. Jonis Strods says:

      I would like to see you hit further to the outside of the sweet zone. High handycappers would not be hitting in the center of the blade as you are doing. Thanks.

    28. T.J. Hodnett says:

      Hey Rick, what's your take on the news about Nike??

    29. too cool for school !! theyre great Im 55 and love the look feel and just shot my best round for 40 years ! ( and my hats the right way round) cool review.

    30. Greg Boggs says:

      I'm a senior golfer (60) just hit these at a PGA Superstore and really liked them. As far as the looks go I think they are awesome! Guess I'm just too cool!

    31. BiniouTM says:

      Hey Rick, I'm 16 and do you think that the pro combo can be great for my level ?

    32. Keith Finley says:

      Are you still using the Hogans? And have you tried this cavity model? Might be perfect for the quest…

    33. Time Rage says:

      any chance you could give me some nike irons? 😂😁

    34. Are any of their irons forged? Thanks for the review.

    35. Nike is on top of their game

    36. Dosy Boy says:

      Stick with my 06 big berthas

    37. Just borrowed a set of nike vapor fly from my local golf shop, what a fantastic set of irons very long very controllable and sooooooon easy to hit.
      had various Nike clubs drivers, woods putter etc currently have vapor speed driver special edition volt , flex rescue and 3 wood but never had a set of their irons that will change this week.
      Nike seem to have done the impossible a game improvement iron with super feel and some playability.
      had callaway x2 hot previously and they were long and straight but too clicky.
      going to try the nike vapor fly pro next before I take the plunge and make my purchase

    38. GibAdam says:

      I'm 12 and I'm a 5 handicap, how would these work for me?

    39. aedvark says:

      volt is the same colour (aussie spelling) as a high viz work shirt

    40. 80sAirwaves says:

      Come on Nike, give us some chrome finish irons.

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