NLU Film Room: Playing Lessons (Casey)

In this edition of the NLU Film Room, Casey Landman gets a playing lesson from resident NLU Tour Pro Justin Hueber at Timuquana Country Club.

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45 Replies to “NLU Film Room: Playing Lessons (Casey)”

  1. TheGrouchDnD says:

    All hail the Merch Dame

  2. This is great! Love all of the teachable moments…that I can totally take to my game!

  3. Mike Thomas says:

    is Hueber busy this weekend?

  4. Moe Bunkbeds says:

    "the swipe left" lol Justin rules.

  5. Kevin Leahy says:

    Hueber standing over a putt to win the 2024 US Open

    "Folks he was this close to retiring, until a No Laying It Up blog playing lesson when Casey's power fades sparked something inside him"

  6. Hugh Masson says:

    Must've been tough for Soly to return to Timuquana…

  7. MW Graley says:

    Is there a Mr Landman?!

  8. This is so relatable

  9. Just gets better and better! Great work Casey.

  10. Casey! Such a good video, Hueber was hyping you up so well and giving you constructive comments. Was awesome to see you two work

  11. Casey has a great laugh! And great attitude for golf!!

  12. Michael Cade says:

    Hueber is a damn treasure!

  13. CAxALLDAY says:

    servpro is such a funny golf sponsor

  14. Drew Corbett says:

    Bourgeois golf! Relatable! Plus keep challenging yourselves to try new content angles. Merch design idea to get the Merch Dame in the mix: King/Queen hybrid playing card designed towel. Neil on one end with the suicide driver, Casey on the other with the putter septer.

  15. Would pay a lot for for Hub playing lesson

  16. NineTo5 Golf says:

    Awesome vid, I remember playing in the first NIT with Casey, and I'm pretty certain she didn't miss a single fairway. Even more importantly, she was so fun to be around and spend time on the course with. Looking forward to more vids with her!

  17. Casey seemed rattled. I have no doubt that without cameras following her, she could have shaved off at least 10 strokes. Her game is a lot like my wife's. Good, solid drives but the occasional chunks that take the steam out of any momentum. I learned a lot that hopefully I can funnel to my wife from this video. Thanks for posting.

  18. You guys should hire Hueber already he’s basically part of the squad

  19. Eric Mathis says:

    if only icarito could have the positivity of casey after a blowup hole. huebs might just be the best on camera talent NLU has. and thats saying something

  20. Evan Woodfin says:

    Whooooo film rooms!

  21. Hueber is my spirit animal.

  22. shoutout casey, shoutout hueber, shoutout precision pro

  23. Moskiman says:

    That was so much fun to watch, really relatable

  24. Casey, aka ChickPhilA, aka The Merch Dame! Good episode, team. Enjoyed it!

  25. Let me tell ya, I been with NLU for years now, and all it has done is got better. Love this content. Huber is great on camera!!

  26. Microphones picking up the other person’s voice is annoying. It creates an echo. Whic

  27. The mental mentality

  28. Joshua Smith says:

    Bravo to Casey for putting her golf game out there for the world to see, takes way more stones than any of the shots she hit here!

  29. RJ McNeely says:

    Hueber truly is the absolute best!

  30. Jeffrey says:

    Casey is so fun and positive. She would be a blast to play a round with and drink some cold beers.

  31. Scott Sewall says:

    caseys laugh is infectious

  32. Literally cannot get enough Justin Hueber content. Film rooms are so so good. Second only to Strapped in the NLU-niverse.

  33. I want Justin Hueber to be my friend so bad!

  34. Just watching I feel like she can easily drop some strokes looks mental and not conference once your confident on every hole the game changes

  35. Andy Novak says:

    Listening to Hueber explain his process is flat out intoxicating.

  36. Peter Mraz says:

    Inject any Hueber/NLU content directly into my veins

  37. Braddock C says:

    Is Neil no longer the Merch King?!

  38. let us go & launch em forth

  39. Matt says:

    Casey draining the 4 footers like it's no big deal. That's great.

  40. johnny b says:

    When you go to the range and you have all of those crappy looking balls, use them for punch shots, flops and 50 yard pitches. Since those shots don't come up a lot, it's good to have at least practiced them 5-10 times per range session so you are confident out on the course.

  41. Hey Casey!! Please some more big and tall options would be great!

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