NO ONE bought this $250,000 BIG BRAND Winning Driver!?

I’ve waited a really very long time to check the $250,000 television present wining driver and see what you get it for now!?

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    18 Replies to “NO ONE bought this $250,000 BIG BRAND Winning Driver!?”

    1. Hans Kuiper says:

      I had one at one point and i loved it sound and feel wise, only sold it because i needed a lower lofted driver. Best looking driver i ever had.

    2. Paul Brown says:

      I brought a Wilson Staff D200 £60 in great condition but I still prefer the Titleist 910d2 best driver for me

    3. I have exactly this club in my bag & paid £100 for a pristine one. I had a break from golf of about 35 years, and after a few months back, this is my default off the tee. I hit it consistently well. Club head speed is 75-80mph & I had my local pro help me ‘fit’ it. Why did I buy? Well, I have Wilson D9 irons in my bag after a long chat with my pro. Just wanted a ‘matched’ driver…Rick S had reviewed it and said it was really good too. I’ve no regrets. Admittedly, my last driver was a persimmon Ben Sayers which I got at a visit to the North Berwick factory in about 1983.

    4. Roland Clack says:

      It will be interesting to see how the new Wilson woods do in a couple of years time now Harry from my golf spy team has joined them

    5. Arthur Hunt says:

      Is that a young Rick Shiels?

    6. when i just picked up the new ping g430. its gonna be hard for wilson and many other companies keep up

    7. I tried one when it came out, in Australia they were the same price as the other big brands and at my slow swing speed the performance wasn't there. At the time I had an old Cobra Amp Offset driver that performed better for me which has since been replaced by a B21 driver. I do play Wilson D7 forged irons.

    8. I bought mine about six months after it's release. They didnt sell well at its original MSRP so I got it brand new for $160. Played with the settings and found it as good as most current drivers.

      My brother in law has a Ping G425 driver and he hit mine. He was surprised that he hit the Cortex about 10-15 yards further with very good control. I'm loving this driver and won't replace it anytime soon.

    9. I played the cortex for a couple years. Really enjoyed it, but just switched to cobra rad speed.

    10. golfnut says:

      A one hit wonder, tried it hated it.

    11. Zac Carich says:

      Least it doesn't crack like taylortrash

    12. They make good irons, decent balls, but the rest not so good.

    13. The problem for Wilson is, at least the perception of, so many years of below average equipment. Also I think it hurts that they make a wide variety of sports equipment, so they are not a "golf" brand. I think a good example is that their revolutionary Triad ball barely made a ripple in the market.

    14. J Wilder says:

      Wilson paid for a seat at the table with the big boys and I don’t think it paid off. They’re almost cursed by being associated only with Irons (like Mizuno)

    15. BassPro23 says:

      I tried to sell mine a couple years ago and couldn't sell it noone wanted it. Glad I kept it now.

    16. Doesn't it seem a lot of: time, work, effort, energy etc for a product that's limited by USPGA and R&A rules and is going to be obsolete in 6 months to a year?

    17. Andy Holt says:

      Tried it and really liked it but to me it felt like more of a players driver and I just didn’t have the game at that time to feel confident in gaming it. Wasn’t terribly confident in a fitting as the choices were limited, as i recall, and I just didn’t get along with the atmos shafts that were stock. If more people had tried it, especially better players, it would’ve caught on OR if it had dropped at $299 USD, it would’ve crushed it. My local fitter said he sold 2 of them.

    18. SAS Golf says:

      Thanks for watching guys!
      So who’s tried it and who’s still got it in the bag!?

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