No way he could've know! #granthorvat #golf #funnygolf

9 Replies to “No way he could've know! #granthorvat #golf #funnygolf”

  1. It’s annoying how much drama is on the golf course apparently. Makes me not want to try golf

  2. GenesisG70 says:

    Was a caddy for my buddy years ago, during a practice round, my buddy hit a 330 yard bomb off the tee.. the group ahead left and we couldn’t see over the hill.. the dude must of chunked his shot because we got up over the hill and the dudes on the ground grabbing his head! My buddy hit him on the fly in the back of his head… we got up to him and his buddies are helping him out.. he’s grabbing the front of his head and there’s blood coming out the back of his head… his buddy’s took him to the hospital! We played the rest of the practice round like shit… came back a week later for the tournament and found out the dude was okay!!! Scary shit man… but it happens

  3. Kit Police says:

    Couple of dorks 😂

  4. As long as your not a habitual offender of hitting into ppl, especially w the driver, it’s okay (after a sincere apology) it happens just does

  5. Job Bob says:

    Be a man and go apologize

  6. Phuk Yew says:

    If you hit up on me and it's ten yards away or more I really don't care. If your ball almost hits me physically in the air then I'm picking your ball up and throwing it into the woods

  7. 3bz says:

    I accidentally hit into a grandmother and grandson the other day ..I hit my 3 wood much further than I ever had and it hit there bags and not them thank god

  8. Steven C says:

    So you blindly hit over a corner, hit people, and….. Made a video. Ok…. You are responsible for your ball. Maybe look next time before you hit. My son ended up in the ER because of clowns on the course

  9. Ass boi says:

    Who could get mad at Grant, tho?

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