North Adelaide Golf Course. Tour, Tips and Free Club Hire & Drink Promo!!

Ever wondered how they make golf courses look so good?

North Adelaide Golf Course recently invited me down for a tour of their courses, and now I know!

Winter’s a great time to check out the three courses for yourself when it’s cooler and quieter. Hear what Simon had to say about looking after so much lawn. If you want to play there yourself, book a round at and use the code word ‘LAWNPORN’ for free club hire and a drink at the 19th Hole Bar and Café when you’re finished. Get your lawn on!

Much thanks to NAGC and Simon Work for their time.


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    3 Replies to “North Adelaide Golf Course. Tour, Tips and Free Club Hire & Drink Promo!!”

    1. Earthau says:

      When you get back there in Spring Matt see if you can sneak a look in the Greens shed at what equipment they are using, must have some decent Spray rigs, Mowers, dethatchers, aerators and the like to keep 3 courses running. Thanks for the effort in taking us on the tour.

    2. Great video. Loved it. That Greenkeeper seems to be a really good guy. That was really good of him to do that interview.

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