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    10 Replies to “Nothing to see here.. Golf Driving Range Session”

    1. What was happening there??

    2. Told ya you can’t take Robbo anywhere

    3. This is why you will never see me anywhere but the ground floor of a driving range. That guys excuse is possibly too many ales, I would have no such excuse. 😜

    4. Nigel Storey says:

      His set up needs work Gaz 👍🏌️

    5. Nigel Storey says:

      I think his set up needs work Gaz 🏌️🍻

    6. Was that you, Gary? They are playing golf wrong. Good thing the net was there.

    7. Fox Links says:

      And people say golf is Boring

    8. Mel Abshier says:

      Hope those nets didn't get Covid.. 🙃

    9. Toon Lad says:

      What are those dorks doing?

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