NY Islanders vs. The Fore Man Scramble presented by Full Swing (Glen Oaks Club)

The Fore Man Scramble is again and this time we’re taking over Frankies favourite workforce on the earth, the New York Islanders. Mat Barzal, Anders Lee, Brock Nelson and Cal Clutterbuck try to change into the primary professional sports activities group to take down the Fore Play guys.

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00:00:00 Intro/Vary Session
00:04:50 1st Gap
00:16:22 2nd Gap
00:21:30 third Gap
00:28:24 4th Gap
00:35:06 fifth Gap
00:39:40 sixth Gap
00:43:56 seventh Gap
00:51:21 eighth Gap
00:56:51 ninth Gap
01:02:42 tenth Gap
01:08:58 eleventh Gap
01:17:26 twelfth Gap
01:25:40 thirteenth Gap
01:30:45 14th Gap
01:38:31 fifteenth Gap
01:43:55 sixteenth Gap


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    34 Replies to “NY Islanders vs. The Fore Man Scramble presented by Full Swing (Glen Oaks Club)”

    1. WebZii_ says:

      Riggsy gotta get back on the grind man. Dude used to be automatic

    2. Big Mike says:

      Lurch was needed for this. Trent can caddy


    4. Big Mike says:

      course is PURE.

    5. Jack B says:

      whoever is in charge of music on these needs to be fired

    6. Jordans guy kinda cringe, love how Frankie just ignores him when he tried chirping him

    7. kip kapper says:

      hole 9 how can they not see that putt goes left to right?

    8. 40:13 cleaning ur club with ur glove is a psycho move

    9. TailblockTV says:

      riggs putting last?

    10. TailblockTV says:

      What's the odds riggs is shaping these slice and hooks off the tee? I think he just swings and takes whatever he gets

    11. Missing Lurch,,,bad form

    12. A Rolo says:

      You’re acro drone pilot could use some help. Sure he’s great on dji but if you need help on true Acro shots hit me up

    13. Noah Gyscek says:

      Course was so pure it kinda looked weird on camera

    14. Carl Winslow says:

      Cal the old soul always spitting wisdom. And an assassin on the course

    15. ARe there two Riggses now?

    16. Mat and the guy riding with him for the islander team are total jerks , I hope they are never on your channel again , Complete smart asses😢

    17. Vijay Koshy says:

      Edited so much better than last vid

    18. Add Lurch and take out Riggs. Then this foursome would be better off.

    19. Put your putter cover on Riggs. Cmon man!!

    20. All time this ain’t no hobby

    21. Bryan Perry says:

      Can someone explain why those people who can afford to purchase equipment are given it, to get the people that need to work weeks to save up and purchase…. Doesn't this seem backwards to anyone else???

    22. What happened to Lurch?

    23. GM Lopes says:

      Rap has a better all around game, but I think the boys are missing Lurch’s distance off the tee. The extra 30+ yards of distance he can bring would have been a big help on some of these.

    24. Please stop with the drone lol

    25. LOVE how Riggs wore a STL Blues hat!! Let’s go!!!

    26. Eric Otto says:

      Definitely miss Lurch and his corniness, but Danny seems like a great addition and has a solid swing.

      Definitely not the best showing from the fellas, but it did look a bit breezy out there, but the Isles just had more zip to them as a group.

      Can't wait for the next one.

    27. Nathan Hill says:

      Dan should have to walk every scramble after what he did to my boy Lurch

    28. Can we shitcan Riggs and bring back Lurch?

    29. Great video and no disrespect, but we gotta get Danny Rap some Peter Millar with the quickness. That collar game of his was just unacceptable on the back 9.

    30. In all seriousness, the islanders golf content is getting old

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