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Today made a reaction video cursed memes, unusual memes, offensive memes that if ylyl, and other meme compilations that are HILARIOUS memes and FUNNY memes in the best tiktok meme compilations. I love the algorithm.


31 Replies to “offensive memes that if ylyl”

  1. Kenny Maria says:

    Wait until Brandon finds out about what male ducks do to other ducks

  2. Wildspartanz: I love ducks! Him in a different vid: I hate ducks

  3. Slugsie Muu says:

    Haha, jokes on y'all, I sleep in a garage and have no windows, I can't even see my neighbors 😆😆

  4. puppy says:

    brandon finds out one singular negative, usually natural, fact about an animal and instantly decides it’s species doesn’t deserve to be on this earth anymore

  5. Ducks should not be advocated for because they also suck. Their cute but nah they suck

  6. Where the hell is the link to the videos?

  7. They gotta do a furry memes edition, just to mess with the children in the comments screaming at furries; it'll tear their world view apart

  8. mad laddie says:

    What is that song in the background?

  9. Heill says:

    that little noise you hear them make is potentially a "food discovery" noise. they make a little muted chirp.

  10. cuckling says:

    I'd hate to ruin your opinion of ducks mr. wildspartanz but male ducks will repeatedly gang r-pe a female duck until the female dies and continue r-ping her. Also the reason why females have false vaginas.

  11. Spiderman: noway home was not mid thank you very much!

  12. Moonwolf2 says:

    these memes were top tier tonight

  13. Stock Image says:

    11:11 PIENDISH?!?!?!?!?!?!

  14. maxtes252 says:

    You think your threats mean anything to me? My neighbors ALREADY have bright lights that keep me up at night!

  15. Samuel Crow says:

    4:49 fun fact! We gotta kill and eat animals no matter what, or at least raise them, but why let the corpse go to waste? You need animals to keep the soil usable, and to grow plants on an industrial level, you're gonna need to raise animals as well. Agriculture, especially SUSTAINABLE agriculture, will always require killing and eating animals no ifs, ands or buts

  16. daJuggs83 says:

    random person: i bet you cant laugh at this
    these fuckers:

  17. 5:12 Brandon your makeing me want to send you the chick grinder video, also Brandon most animals will only engage in Xmas skin if malnutritioned .

  18. Lord Cantalo says:

    12:47 "Ludo, call the rocks!"

  19. Lord Cantalo says:

    8:47 What is the original from? Every time I see the catwalk, all my brain can offer is the Godzilla scene when they're looking at frozen Ghidorah.

  20. Lord Cantalo says:

    "If you ever want to advocate for animal's rights, use ducks, don't use chickens." Nah, I'd rather advocate for a cannibal over a rapist.

  21. Brandon clearly doesnt know ducks are equally (if not moreso) as fucked as chickens

  22. Ononvi says:

    does anyone know where i can find the last video? its so pretty i want to save it

  23. SoraTrash says:

    Not cultured enough to recognize Beetz. You three disappoint me.

  24. 10:10 It’s called the patty wagon 🍔🧽🤿🦀👑📜🍨🍨🥜🦑🪣🏊‍♂️🥸🐚👹⭐️🧜‍♀️🖥🎸🎹🏴‍☠️🎞

  25. Its called the patty wagon, you uncultured swine

  26. Fun fact something like 60% of ducks the result of grape

  27. Agent Umbra says:

    Hacker T dog it the Boi

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