OLD vs. NEW golf clubs: We tested TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC irons from 2011

Can irons that came out over 10 years ago still provide value for current golfers?

Andrew Tursky from GolfWRX.com tests out TaylorMade’s TP MC 2011 irons versus his current gamer irons as part of our new 8-episode golf club testing series at 2nd Swing in Scottsdale.

Click the link to buy the irons for yourself at 2nd Swing: https://www.2ndswing.com/golf-clubs/iron-sets/taylormade-2011-tour-preferred-mc-iron-set/right-handed-stiff-steel-38dot0in-d-12221434047

*Credit to Saeyae for the video production*


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    18 Replies to “OLD vs. NEW golf clubs: We tested TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC irons from 2011”

    1. Still gaming these. Fabulous iron

    2. J Pendleton says:

      Coming into many greens hitting off a mat? Spin is higher off grass….quite a bit higher according to most research

    3. New Lazer tech machines are fantastic at refacing your irons and renewing the grooves. I’m time it’ll be affordable to reface your clubs so you have fresh grooves. Throw on new grips, and you never have to relearn a new set of irons.

    4. cobra1995xx says:

      Those 2011 mcs were the best irons they've made

    5. Onewest84 says:

      I have a set of these with project x 6.5's in great condition. Probably will never get rid of them.

    6. Rob S says:

      Expect a call soon from Daniel Berger 😂

    7. Rob S says:

      Love old vs new content. These MCs and MBs were money

    8. Mark Maioli says:

      Back when those came out I was shopping for irons and it ended up being between the TM TP MC and Adams CMB. They were neck & neck but the CMBs were about $400 less so I ended up with them. But I loved everything about the TP irons – even the blades played great.

    9. Stephen Hogg says:

      Still gaming these. Re-grip and a loft/lie adjustment every few years and still going strong. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    10. This is good content 🤝

    11. Bmos 21 says:

      I'd put my Adam's XTD forged up against any players iron of today.

    12. Love seeing Tursky swing. This is a great idea for a series. Keep it up!

    13. JS Golfer says:

      Brilliant video, would be great as a series

    14. DB Golf says:

      I LOVE that you’re doing vids on used clubs! Two suggestions: Talk about the shafts, and tell us at the end if you’ve decided to stick with your gamer, modify it, or replace it—and why. WRXers like to tinker but we also like to save money!

    15. Fufiloofa says:

      Bought a set of these 4-PW in 2016 for what is equivalent of $190, still have them as backups, got P790 for free from TM that replaced them otherwise would most likely keep playing them.

    16. Nick Johnson says:

      Daniel Berger has entered the chat.

    17. Patty Dodero says:

      such a sick idea for a video! love golf wrx

    18. Awesome looking forward to this series. 2ndSwing is a top notch facility. I’ve been to there Delaware store a bunch of times. Got custom fit for my 2019 T200 irons and most recently 2021 T100s’s
      Most importantly my 2016 M2 driver. Went there my on my initial visit with the clubhead only got fit for a Counterbalanced Hzdrs Smoke yellow 5.5 then in November 2021 my Small Batch Evenflow riptide CB 6.0. Just last month I compared it to TSR2 and only gained 2 yards in distance over my 2016 M2.
      Although the TSR2 sounds/feels better, I’m not spending nearly $650 for 2 yards!

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