On The Job – Driving Range Attendant – July 2016

“On The Job” follows City Manager Scott Neal as he looks at the various jobs and workers that make Edina a great city! This month, Scott stops by Braemar Golf Course to see how golf balls are collected at the driving range!

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    28 Replies to “On The Job – Driving Range Attendant – July 2016”

    1. Baphomet says:

      In the winter in AZ I work at a golf course and it honestly is the best job I’ve ever had… the people are nice and if they are a little tipsy they tip very well.

    2. JH says:

      I always aim to hit the ball in the exhasut pipe. but im not very good

    3. pairojeans says:

      Respect to your workers sir.

    4. I love the woman at the 1:07 mark in the red blouse…… She hits a dead shank, and follows through like it's right down the middle….😆

    5. Trey Walker says:

      Have you picked up a club in the last year?!
      That explains the random selection process.

    6. kyronjamezz says:

      me nd my uncle who got me into golfing, we have a game who can hit the golf scooper. who ever hit it has to give them a back scratch

    7. randy scott says:

      I always wear a dress shirt and tie when I go to the driving range .

    8. Hubert says:

      Subscribed. I live 1200 miles away. But subscribed.

    9. Sean Park says:

      I see a million ways to automate this…

    10. dommy2x says:

      How old do you have to be to do this?

    11. highwoe says:

      I work at a range

    12. Working at a golf range or golf course must so cool and fun to work at looks like I would say a job that I would like to do

    13. Jono says:

      "Driving Range Attendant"
      … More like moving target practice.

    14. Zach G says:

      Everyone loves when the tractor comes out target practice

    15. As a teenager I had this job…one thing I will say is you don't know fear till your out about 100 yards out and someone hits your windshield and that plexiglass breaks. Then those guys still hit balls at you and your just praying that you can get off to the side without getting hit!

    16. Revilo says:

      I don't know how but here I am. These recommendations keep on recommending

    17. Ryan says:

      Edina is great for this!! love it!

    18. Passive One says:

      He looks like skippy

    19. YouTube knows I watched gavin and Stacy damn it

    20. Timbo says:

      this dude is ass, can't even clean pick with the picker. he's constantly missing balls, the grass ain't even long or wet. He is very clearly an amateur range attendent

    21. jetythe2nd says:

      I’m 16 and that’s what I do

    22. meduza_ says:

      Are the range balls used here (no water, no floaters) go as far as a regular golf ball?

    23. Man, if i was there i would literally aim for that vehicle 😀

    24. Connor Chism says:

      I worked this job as a 16 year old. Trust me, it gets old QUICK. Most golfers drink excessively, smoke, dip, and do everything they can to trash the course and the carts. Not fun after a while.

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