Once Upon a Witchlight Ep. 2 | Feywild D&D Campaign | Requiem for a Clown

The ultimate evening of the Witchlight Carnival begins! However can they even get inside???

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Character artwork by the extraordinarily proficient Saltmatey:


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    47 Replies to “Once Upon a Witchlight Ep. 2 | Feywild D&D Campaign | Requiem for a Clown”

    1. Watch LIVE on Twitch every Wednesday night at 7:30pm ET! https://twitch.tv/legendsofavantris

    2. Came for chuckles, staying for Gricko and Hootsie, love them <3

    3. Summer Torok says:

      The ghost clown πŸ˜‚

    4. Gideon's incessant boob jokes are hysterical

    5. A want a drawing of Beautiful Grinko

    6. MAKO1 says:

      Perfect show to watch while waiting for a new episode of CR! Glad I found another D&D show that’s actually good!

    7. I am so happy that you have a trogdor mini!

    8. B S says:

      The We're Back! reference was gold!

    9. This group is a bunch of unhinged lunatics and I wasn't prepared for their antics. Loved every moment of this episode lol

    10. RamenHamster says:

      i'm so glad your tik toks came across my fyp. this is hilarious!

    11. Ssscarline says:

      I came here for Chuckles.

    12. dougalkeane says:

      Where have yall been all my life. So glad I found the shorts which led me to listen/watch the whole campaign. I haven't laughed this much in ages

    13. The party was told there was no alcohol In the carnival and now there's mead?

    14. I absolutely need a list of the the carnival drinks! Please πŸ₯Ί

    15. Kai_lopez 98 says:

      Frost and gricko are my favorite characters

    16. CryosBlaze says:

      My favorite characters in the party are Gideon and Grikko. Kremmy in second place and frost is next.

    17. They were charging three silver pieces for the child ticket. Couldn't they've just gotten change?

    18. Just found this channel, but I'm guessing the wings are from real fairies like the one they found mutilated a bit ago? I wonder how long it will take them to realize it if that is the case. . .

    19. 1:13:28 – Haunted by a clown

      1:13:33 – You know I had chlamydia

      1:15:21 – I refuse to put the toilet seat down

      1:17:05 – Chuckles prefers 3 MUSKETEERS
      1:20:54 – Chuckles do you like being dead?

      1:21:09 – Its to die for

      1:26:19 – Haunted by crippling loneliness and imposter syndrome
      1:29:11 – Chuckles writes a fanfiction DREWDROP STARSHINE
      2:04:41 – Reminded of when chuckles got punched
      2:05:03 – You broke every rib I had

      2:05:31 – Gosh I wished there was wine in hell

    20. Konrad says:

      Is that "no fights" campaign?

    21. Jon Law says:

      I loved Mikey's subtle reference to The Prestige in the beginning 😁

    22. Jada Vaughn says:

      I love the fact all four grab the pencils in unison

    23. 1:03:07 the beginning of the end.

    24. I would sign a fey pact for chuckles to dub the entire joker movie

    25. thither? i barely know her!

    26. Sam B says:

      I need the fan art of Hootsy with her wings and the pumpkin!


    28. This makes me want to get into DnD I’ve wanted to forever and this is making me want to learn more

    29. You all make my day, your comeradrie togehter is fantastically balanced and such a blast to watch! also the marry poppins refrence killed me XD.

    30. Giddion gives me Arthur Morgan vibes

    31. I am so glad I finally decided to look for the origin of Chuckles it did not disappoint. You have me as long as I get more Chuckles

    32. Robert P says:

      I came for chuckles but stayed for hootsey

    33. This is the first of the campaigns ive watched, and I love that how into their roleplay they get makes me want to go look up the first posted campaign and watch them all

    34. Red UniPanda says:

      I’ve seen the TikToks and YouTube shorts and I’m glad that I’ve gotten the time to watch this playlist and the others.

    35. Gamer Gideon, being RGB and all

    36. Serenity13 says:

      I just found this channel, so this campaign is my introduction to you guys, and I just wanna say that I love the vibe here! You guys are all so funny and just seamlessly riff off each other in a really incredible way. Love the way your energy all comes together to create this awesome environment! Can’t wait to watch more!

    37. Kylie R says:

      I love 2:05:00 when you can see Mikey getting ready for the Chuckles possession as he literally pops into the character lol

    38. That "there's about to be a shortage of custard at this festival" bit at the very end was a last nugget of gold for me. Idk why, but it had me cackling.

    39. Y’all should get some merch. I’d pay for a chuckles the ghost clown t shirt. Or a Hootsy stuffed animal

    40. I love that Certainly Chapel is the DnD version of a Shirley Temple and apparently noone, except perhaps Gideon, gets the joke.

    41. I was not expecting the Bad Dragon comment, I should have known the venn diagram of DnD and kink was just one big circle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    42. I am loving listening to you all play while I sculpt! You have me in stitches! πŸ˜‚ can't wait to listen to more

    43. I died laughing at this. It made cooking really hard 🀣

    44. Sir Rex says:

      who forgets they were paid 500 gp but remembers a bag of beans

    45. Aidan M. says:

      I just love how physical Mace's laugh is. The enjoyment he gets from everything is emoted so well in his body

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