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One Simple Technique That Will Change Your Chipping Forever! – In this video we share with you a lesson with our member Jimmy who’s concept for chipping was all wrong and without realising was the main reason why he lacked confidence and duffed his chip shots. This changed instantly once we explained our concept and made a few adjustments to his technique that instantly gave him results and the strike was so much more consistent!

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    40 Replies to “One Simple Technique That Will Change Your Chipping Forever! | ME AND MY GOLF”

    1. RyanMeese says:

      am I wrong or they're basically having him do almost a little baby pitch rather than chipping at this point?

    2. Mike Rodrick says:

      I recently saw a video of Woods, Day, & Mcilroy talking about & demonstrating their methods of chipping & bunker shots. All 3 said they use a 60 degree wedge 90% of the time by manipulating the clubface in American golf & with different types of grasses. In the open championship, they'll use different clubs & methods because of the rollout factor on harder ground & different conditions. You can see the video on YouTube, which was made about a year ago. It's really interesting.

    3. I like the total body method

    4. Chong says:

      Piers with the Audemars & Andy with a Hublot I think?

      Happy to see the grind is paying off fellas!

    5. Bubba Jones says:

      I duff all my shots. Very inconsitent on everything.

    6. Hi, I’m a senior in high school and have my senior golf season coming up next week. I have a high ball flight and would truly benefit if you did a swing analysis on me and could help me lower it. I would like to get more penetration and distance on my shot and stop losing it from the climbing to high in the ski.

    7. Keiran Evans says:

      This video totally transformed my chipping. I was forever blading and fatting across the green. Little did I know I had severe shaft lean. It’s genuinely made a surreal difference the past couple of days by having my shaft upright 🤯

    8. Hi! Question, what's the furthest away from the edge of the green you would use this technique? Or is that not the way to think about it? Thanks in advance

    9. Nice principle to remember – the interaction of the club with the ground (using its bounce) and then with the ball to improve chipping consistency, like a plane landing (using the bounce) & then taking off (with the ball). Great!

    10. Niall Conway says:

      Would this kind of technique work well on bare or muddy lies?

    11. ian mongan says:

      If he putted from there he would be way more consistent !,

    12. Or how about this one: Use a 3 wood/hybrid, steepen the shaft and get closer to the ball like a putt, grip down and use your putting motion. Works amazing!

    13. miniredhot2 says:

      How would techniques vary if your ball was in a small divot or pitch mark? Or would it stay the same ? Cheers, and love the videos

    14. Funny how the guy always puts his hands back close to his body even when he's been told to hold the shaft more upright, old habits die hard!

    15. So much weight transfer. You can see his lead foot lifting. Also, he never properly straightens his lead arm.

    16. Joe Dirt says:

      nice aviators dude!

    17. Excellent chipping suggestions to your student. When I play this shot, I place the ball in your suggested position, weight forward, clubface 1/4 turn to open in order to use the sole of the wedge more and brush the grass as you suggest with a set wrist position and arm movement. I can't remember if my shaft is upright as you suggest, but will make it a point to do so. Great Video Guys!

    18. That stache is amazing.

    19. Jamie Sloan says:

      Our fairways are super tight right now. I’ve even been slightly opening the club a hair, to present more bounce, so the club won’t dig.

    20. Jamie Sloan says:

      This is excellent advice, guys. I always try to brush the ground for the length of a dollar bill. This naturally makes me swing more shallow, avoiding that horrible chunk. And you’re right, it gives you so much more room for error, on the strike. The worst thing that you can do is try to perfectly “pinch” the ball on these shots, or even longer pitch type shots. Here’s a good rule of thumb…. If you cannot properly follow through, because of your divot, then you’re swinging too steep into the ball. Remember…. You’re always trying to swing the club to a full finish(on full shots). The ball just happens to be in the way of that swing.

    21. Sambo Jones says:

      You guys need the QI buzzer for whenever you ask the pupil what they're attempting to do and it's the opposite of the lesson for the day. BWEEEEWAAAAH

    22. THe Impaler says:

      He has to much weight on his back foot more weight on front foot less weight on his back foot

    23. Bill says:

      Does this work for thin lies? We play all year and right now the grass is dormant and the lies are as thin as a sheet of paper.

    24. Home4Ya says:

      working on my chipping & last week came across Phil Ms chipping lesson and he says to do opposite ( square face and hands way ahead). several like you advise neutral and use the bounce, opposing views is what drives us weekend players crazy. i went to range and i use each equally….G.O.L.F.

    25. John Gurney says:

      Interesting stuff 👍- can I just check so you would set your club 1-2 inches behind the ball and try to brush that spot ?

    26. Fatih Pekbas says:

      Great tip. Is this going to work with higher bounce clubs only, or would a PW and 9 iron glide nicely on the ground as well without digging into it?

    27. Thanks for the video gents, great stuff. Would this work for all wedge lofts? This is really going to help, can’t wait to try on the course!

    28. awesome👍👍👍👍👍

    29. brian says:

      Moving the ball forward will lead to a lot of bladed shots rocketed to the other side of the green

    30. Ian Burton says:

      Got the link to this video from M&MG through e-mail with the subject "Fix Your Slice FOR GOOD With This Driver Lesson" Enjoyed this video, but what's happening at M&MG to get these things so wrong, so many times?

    31. Thanks for the tip. I was doing exactly what he was doing. This will transform my chipping completely. Thanks guys

    32. I better be chipping like tiger when i implement these tips!

    33. William King says:

      whenever i'm chipping or playing around the green, my set up is to have the ball more backward/nearer my right foot my back swing and follow through dictates the distance on how far i want the ball to fly or where i want it to land. specially from 50yds and below specially less than 5 -20yds distance

    34. Les Smith says:

      You had to have been watching my round yesterday! Chipping woes cost me dearly. Thanks for the post.

    35. I can't believe you got Anthony Kiedis to come for a chipping lesson!

    36. Randy Mahony says:

      Hey guys is maintaining arm extension part of this? Thanks for another gem 💎.

    37. Thanks, guys! Question: can one use this same technique out of the rough? It seems like hitting the ground then ball there might end up with a duff.

    38. Roy Close says:

      Well done guys 🏌‍♀️ 🙂

    39. Jimmy has a strong British accent

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