OptiShot 2 Overview, Review, Testing, Opinions

I decided to buy an OptiShot 2 and play around with it. How accurate is it? Is it worth the money?

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Quick conclusions – for the price I don’t know of any other device that will give you this type of swing feedback + it is a full simulator software package. Pretty incredible considering most products with these features cost thousands. However, it is not a super accurate. Great tool for learning and playing, but don’t expect 1:1 accurate simulation on screen.


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  1. It’s accurate, it will help you if you let it

  2. Fantastic review! I actively just bought one last night and I'm super excited to get it! Now I just need to save for a trackman…

  3. Based Human says:

    thanks for the review! sorry guys i just don't see the point in hitting a fake ball or no ball at all if you want to get better at your game. in the few OptiShot reviews i've seen, nobody has used a real ball. makes me feel like this is really just a gimmick – not to mention that little slot where you're supposed to put your ball is going to affect the way you hit the ball and its trajectory. that little panel that contains the tracking hardware also looks pretty flimsy…has anyone used one with real balls over a period of say a few months?

  4. Hi. What mat were you using? Thanks!

  5. MaRx H says:

    Thanks for posting! Still like the system??

  6. cfc_88 says:

    So do you just add a projector to the laptop for the screen ?

  7. WAR says:

    Feet way too far apart with irons

  8. 120 mph swing speed? Yeah na.

  9. Simon Jones says:

    Stark Industries ?

  10. Matt Smith says:

    Taking balls to the face – How to be a successful YouTube star.

  11. htl2247 says:

    thx a lot pal, v informative indeed… can i know what is the distance between the turf(Tee) and the screen? need any calibration/adjustment before use?

  12. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Very informative 🙂

  13. i can crank my 7 around 190 but ik that really not anything to brag about. ik its an old video but im looking for one rn.

  14. Jake Peck says:

    Awesome review man! I want to build something in my garage so this is very helpful.

  15. John 996 says:

    Excellent review Charlie. Is that a 911 tyre by any chance?

  16. Mithun Nair says:

    hmm, I didn't know balls ricochetted off the wall when you take a wild whack at it and a big wall is in front of you

  17. radbcc says:

    Every optishot video setup I have seen on YT looks contrived, cheap, and stuck together with duct tape. Does not seem like a total solution.

  18. gibson2777 says:

    awesome review man, thanks alot

  19. Swinging hard is not fast an your feet are way to wide.

  20. JAI HD says:

    Awesome video and face shot.😉

  21. Would the software work on a chromebook?

  22. great video man! I'm like yourself out of golf for 10 years… mine was due to having two kids but trying to get back to golf… even been documenting my travels and struggles back. Would love to get something like this…. I own the net return and feel it would be fun to have this… too bad my basement and garage ceilings are way to low. I'd have to drag this outside each time i'd want to play. I wonder how this is next the the Skytrak

  23. Good job on describing this product. I've been considering buying an Optishot 2 but just didn't know enough about it until watching your video. Thanks much for the demo!

  24. Joe Franco says:

    Thanks for the review. I have read you have to calibrate each club is this correct?

  25. Thanks for the review. Very straightforward and informative.

  26. Fantastic review the best I've seen on it…. Too bad you couldn't do a review on the P3 pro you can add a camera to that system, but the graphics don't look that good… I use a mevo by flight-scope, works excellent really pray they Will integrate it with their target practice software……

  27. how strong is the turf and sensors? especially the sensors, I mean, I'm not a pro, so If I hit the sensor is not going to get smashed easily?

  28. Because you are in a garage I picked up maybe 1 out of 3 words. I put on head sets & could get 1 out of every 2 words & could hear someone in the background. All in all I got very little out of it. Maybe its my hearing……

  29. camelCase says:

    ugh, one day I'd love to invest in something like this. So awesome.

  30. What scares me is if you accidentally hit behind the ball and hit the sensor as it's pretty close, has anyone done this and if so was it an issue?

  31. Where did you find the software upgrade? Can you put a link? I don't have the original software disc and am also doing this on a Mac

  32. dave carson says:

    I have not figured out how to get the ball out of the water, when it goes in? Also, when I first get ready to put the swing pattern from the prior shot is still on the screen. How do I make it go away? Does anyone know the answers to these questions.

  33. Do you have to place the ball right on the place you put the tee or can you put the ball right next to the tee peg?

  34. how do you upgrade the software? it is something thats prompted when you start up? do you buy a disc?

  35. ian carey says:

    which launch monitor you end up getting? how much better are they for the money? review anytime soon?

  36. 120 Club head Speed…😂

  37. Also, don't forget you have to choose no ball, foam ball, or real ball before hitting.

  38. I noticed you just place the ball down, I think that machine reads it where that small hole is located on the matt between the two sensor strips.

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