Orvis | Behind the Brand – Rod Shop – Fly Fishing

We took a visit throughout the nation to Manchester, Vermont. The house of the Orvis Rod Shop. We have been in a position to get an inside have a look at how these unbelievable fly rods are construct.


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    21 Replies to “Orvis | Behind the Brand – Rod Shop – Fly Fishing”

    1. Dave says:

      Incredible. What amazing rods and craftsmanship. The test at the end was jaw dropping.

    2. Al Moschetti says:

      Thanks Cheech and Curtis. I really enjoyed the video. I have several Orvis Rods but not a Helius but after seeing this I may have to consider one, and sell off my off brand models, even though I am not a big fan of the white label.. lol Thanks again and enjoy the videos and the store. Tight Lines

    3. Dan Reiners says:

      Dude, JFK is right on Jamaica Bay which has phenomenal striped bass and bluefish fishing.

    4. Nice video, good to see where my new SFG came from. Tenkara rules😁

    5. Pwrcritter says:

      Thanks Orvis for the repair! Rod looks great cant wait to try it out.

    6. j g says:

      I love airports πŸ˜‚ when I was a kid in the 90s my mom would drop me off at the airport and I would spend the day taking pictures. This was before 9/11 so it was much easier. I even worked in airfield management in the air force πŸ˜‚

    7. Fantastic video !!! Thanks for sharing.

    8. Tyler Urruty says:

      Excellent video guys! But give me a smooth casting Winston from those boys up in Twin Bridges every day!

    9. That was a cool video. Thanks for filming that so we can see how the rods are done. Love my my Orvis rods and so do my clients.

    10. guwop says:

      whys it take me like 5 months for a tip replacement though

    11. Hey Cheech and crew! Awesome
      Thanks for visiting Vermont
      The Barre Vermonter BS

    12. I’ve sent my h3 back twice believe me they break

    13. Tom Ramos says:

      Stick figure 😎😎😎

    14. Praise Be To Our Lord And Savior Tom Rosenbauer!

    15. Gavin Rueda says:

      How long are you guys in VT, I live really close and know some great spots around there

    16. Have had my Helios 3D for over 2 years now and have caught a lot of trout on it. Orvis surpassed my expectations with that rod 🎣🐟

    17. Dan Kochanek says:

      Cheech, did you give the guy from Orvis that rabbit hat?

    18. Mel Church says:

      That was fun. I always go to Orvis and the fly fishing museum when I'm up that way. Thanks.

    19. It’s not easy to make β€œhow it’s made” videos fun, but this crew could make anything fun. Cool vid.

    20. Trout Bum says:

      That was absolutely an amazing video !

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