OUTRAGEOUS Moments in Family Guy

At the moment we’re reacting to Family man humorous moments compilation half 2 (Attempt to not snigger) by @FamilyGuysPeter . These Family Guy moments are a few of the finest we have seen up to now.

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    44 Replies to “OUTRAGEOUS Moments in Family Guy”

    1. Day one of asking for Dhmis show reaction

    2. Dick Niaz says:

      why are the reactions edited so bad this time? even before they complete reacting, it has moved on to the next clip. smh

    3. Just_Paddy says:

      You guys need to react to dreams face reveal

    4. Appropriate shirt! Bonnie is Waifu!

    5. "You may only succeed if you desire succeeding; you may only fail if you do not mind failing." -Philippos

    6. Billy Harris says:

      Please watch. Beef SpongeBob part 2 please

    7. John Smith says:

      Off topic but you should do a reaction video of the first episode of Dahmer on Netflix

    8. Erik Schultz says:

      8:35 Quagmire: “You’ve got an icicle forming down there.”
      Commentator: “That’s cold.”
      I love it! 😂🤣

    9. BlueCobaltus says:

      9:11 I was just thinking about nerf guns right before Brian mentioned it. The timing lmao

    10. Just wanted to know are you guys gonna react to the anime house 6, you know, giving YouTube's bs and all

    11. Was… Was that narrator?

    12. Cyril Figgis says:

      You guys should do more videos like on American Dad, South Park, Archer, other animated TV shows.

    13. gary hall says:

      Aaron looks like he cheats at online multi-player games.

    14. I watch the episode when Meg ask Quagmire for "roofies" I believe that she wanted some "GHB" witch is a hard drug witch by the way.. that a rape-drug

    15. I just love these family guys reactions 😂😂😂

    16. Can u guys do more american dad?

    17. henry turner says:

      Hey internet city you should listen to hokage rap by rustage

    18. uhhh what the fuck r roufies

    19. Zippy says:

      "Uuugghhhhh gimme some of that!"

    20. Lonely_Ghost says:

      0:12 I totally wasn't thinking of another joke like that involving cocktail…

    21. 11:14. That's too ironic. I went for a nap today and literally woke up at at the same time as Stewie. I am going to be up most of the night.

    22. 7:36
      Ok y'all have to look up family fued host Richard Dawson kissing contestants.

    23. Nyanmurai says:

      Family guy is still incredibly funny and makes no since sometimes but it’s still good so great job

    24. unknown 1 says:

      Bro they they collide with the narrator

    25. Ya'll should actually get Narrator in on some of these reaction videos besides the outros, I would love that so much being a huge Boys fan and all lol.

    26. Imagine a Family Guy cutaway about these two 😂

    27. Aaron you got that way wrong man Mikey is not at the same level as Quagmire he is way more hornier than anyone in the whole planet if these two have like a contest grandma would definitely kick his ass in hornyville and just saying as a joke Mikey has keep an eye on his wife like that before Quagmire trying to bang her and then take care of his little bastard 😂

    28. Normal name says:

      the 3rd horniest person you ever know 👍

    29. Love your video you two

    30. LeoHwzr says:

      /If i remember one of the time travel episodes with Stewie & Brian is when they went back to stop the 9/11 terrorist attacks. After they came back from stopping it, their normal timeline was when the US had the next civil war after when 9/11 was supposed to happen, and tthe US is on fire and everyone is shooting at everyone else

    31. Uhhh says:

      4:05 quagmire and Mikey just like me fr

    32. Luke Rosales says:

      Main reason why Seth makes so many cracks on 9/11 is because he was supposed to have been on one of the planes.

    33. Why is it censored?

    34. Eack_ Jeptic says:

      Alright, but who’s more down bad/horny?

      Or Quagmire!

    35. Family guy will always be my favorite show

    36. This is the context for when Brian and Stewie high fives for 9/11.

      Brian remembered he buried a tennis ball in the yard at around the time of Episode 1 Season 1 but he forgot where he buried it. So he asked Stewie if he could take him to that time to see where his past self buried said ball. But, unknown to Stewie, Brian also told his past self about 9/11. And past Brian prevented from happening. But because of that, it made George Bush separate the Southern States from the North and cause a 2nd Civil War. And that Civil War eventually lead to WW3. So Brian and Stewie went back in time to correct Brian's mistake.

      A few gags, bits and cutaways later, they caused 9/11 to save the world. Which is why they high fived to 9/11.

    37. Fun fact: there is kids watching your video in the bathroom and bedroom living room yes this isn't a joke it's serious and nobody talked about this tho yeah

    38. Living Dream says:

      You need more views

    39. Larry tod says:

      Its ironic that Peter hates Brian for trying to get with his wife while Quagmire tried to do the same

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