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Senior golfers often have different physical abilities and limitations compared to younger golfers. As individuals age, they experience changes in their body, such as reduced flexibility, strength, balance, and stamina. These changes can affect their golf swing and overall performance. Therefore, teaching senior golfers differently takes into account these specific needs and aims to optimize their golfing experience. Here are a few reasons why senior golfers may require a different teaching approach:

Physical considerations: Senior golfers may have reduced mobility and flexibility, which can affect their swing mechanics. Teaching professionals need to adapt their instruction to accommodate any physical limitations, focusing on techniques that work best for the individual’s capabilities. This could involve modifications to posture, grip, or swing mechanics to ensure a comfortable and efficient swing.
Injury prevention: Older bodies may be more prone to injuries or discomfort during physical activities. Teaching senior golfers differently can emphasize techniques that minimize stress on joints or areas prone to pain. For example, modifying the swing to reduce strain on the back or incorporating exercises to improve stability and prevent falls.
Equipment selection: The choice of golf equipment plays a crucial role in the game. Senior golfers may benefit from using clubs with specific features that help compensate for reduced swing speed, such as lighter shafts, larger sweet spots, or higher lofts. Teaching professionals can guide senior golfers in selecting the right equipment to enhance their performance and enjoyment.
Game management: Experience and course management become vital aspects for senior golfers. Teaching focuses on developing strategies that work with their abilities, taking into account factors like shot selection, conserving energy, and avoiding unnecessary risks. This approach helps senior golfers play smart and make the most of their skills on the course.
Fitness and conditioning: Senior golfers may benefit from incorporating appropriate fitness and conditioning exercises into their routine to improve strength, flexibility, and overall physical fitness. Teaching professionals can provide guidance on exercises and stretches tailored to the needs of senior golfers, aiding in their performance and injury prevention.
Ultimately, the goal of teaching senior golfers differently is to ensure they can continue to enjoy the game while adapting to their changing physical capabilities. By understanding their unique needs and providing tailored instruction, senior golfers can maximise their potential and maintain an active and fulfilling golfing experience.

As you can see from this video, doing things the right way will change your game. My channel, which I run with my partner Jo Cameron (former BBC Broadcaster and learning specialist), is about massive results from small changes. To learn the basics of golf is easy, but to master it, we need to make these small changes over a period of time to all add up to give you massive results.

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9 Replies to “PAIN-FREE Enjoyable GOLF Swing”

  1. Mick Riordan says:

    I am nearly 70 and I have been working on my golf swing to make it more “athletic” which as you say has lead to back and neck pain. The relaxed swing you advocate, allowing your body to move with rather than resist the swing makes perfect sense, in particular as you get older and movement is a little more restricted. Thanks

  2. Robb Pokorny says:

    Great advice and technique as usual I did miss Jo on this, her input is quite valuable especially to the women golfers that may feel tension in different ways ie: hands or wrists. As I have always said, you are the best coach/instructor ever. World class all the way. They need you on the PGA tour as a lead coach/instructor!

  3. Great content, well explained as always.

  4. Hi Julian, the 'kinetic chain' you outline is so on the mark. It is so easy to interfere or feel you have to alter it by frustration, in the hope that in doing so will rectify swing problems.. Alas, the swing is as only as good as the weakest link in the 'chain'!! Your swing sequence is much like the natural skimming of a flat rock across a pond. BTW, the new training facility you have set up looks great!

  5. Wayne Young says:

    Would a strong grip be doing this

  6. A great video Julian on how to play "pain free" golf! I've been playing this great game for a long, long time and at one time I lifted my left heal on the backswing! Then, back in the 60's or 70's it became vogue to keep the heal down. Because I was a lot younger then, I decided to transfer to this method in my golf swing. Although I still have a fluid swing, I feel that I'm missing that extra "kick" to get more distance. I've been concentrating more on the hips than the shoulders and it does seem to be helping. So, now I will again try to lift my left heal to get the ankles more involved. Good Job as Always Julian!

  7. Mary Wilson says:

    Ihave a
    I have a night mare knee replacementpain pain cannot get through the ball

  8. What's your take on the stack and tilt system and how that effects the body ?

  9. glen bates says:

    Good Information, thanks

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