PARdon My Golf Video: The Worst Golf Match In History


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33 Replies to “PARdon My Golf Video: The Worst Golf Match In History”

  1. K M says:

    It makes me mad that Hank, Cat, and PFT, don't button the second button on those crispy Rhoback polos

  2. I just love you guys, anything you all do as a group we need to see

  3. Matt D says:

    Four of the worst golf swings i’ve seen, I love it so much

  4. Pwin Auby says:

    PFT’s calves were sculpted by the Gods. Johnny Drama probably gonna DM him asking what he does.

  5. Jake Cooke says:

    Big cat and Joey cold cuts are the same person

  6. RJSon says:

    Good job Max

  7. Gotta call him shank from now on 😂😂

  8. An 88😂😂😂😂

  9. Cheeky Nando says:

    Big Cat is such a prick in this. He’s great

  10. dcoog anml says:

    Thank you Max. It sure did take you long enough

  11. b summerskid says:

    Awesome content 😂 need more of these

  12. Stefan Graff says:

    Can we get hank a belt?

  13. I love the peppered in eagle screeches. S

  14. Luke Ziesmer says:

    This group against fore play please

  15. Jordan Bell says:

    Everybody knows its win by 2

  16. Fitting for Aryan to have shot an ‘88’ on April 20th

  17. Eddie Tullis says:

    need more of content like this
    I genuinely couldn't stop laughing

  18. T.J. Bennett says:

    I feel like the first hole was a never ending hole

  19. Dylan Tolar says:

    Hank found the wrong hole at 29:35 😂

  20. Joey Boes says:

    big cat has such a trump swing

  21. Derek Zeiter says:

    The best video the boys have made in a long time 😂

  22. Pft got a little Jim Furyk action

  23. j butler says:

    big cat looks like he is between taking a shit, and slow dancing in middle school.

  24. Anil Punj says:

    Hank touching the ball and litterally 30 seconds later pft fucks up hos shot and hank is all about rules. Get in the bin mate.

  25. Need more of this from them

  26. gnsoutham5 says:

    so it's a scramble not best ball huh?

  27. austin wells says:

    Hanks golf game would drastically improve if he took back his take on Seattle sports

  28. Brandon says:

    Fellas I got through the first tee box and have to turn this off because I just got worse at golf

  29. Spence says:

    As someone who is new to golf shouldn't Hank be better than he is?? I feel like he plays all the time

  30. What course is this?

  31. Taylor Hogue says:

    Hank is serious cheeks ☠️😂

  32. John says:

    Billy looks different

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