On this golf vlog we run throughout a random pawn retailer that actually had a truckload stuffed with golf golf equipment dropped off proper earlier than we received there. They’d not priced the golf equipment in order that they have been desirous to promote us these golf golf equipment. Possibly a little bit too keen? Have been they attempting to resell golf golf equipment too rapidly? Did we get a ok deal that full time resellers can be pleased with? Higher than our regular Goodwill finds ? Lets discover out! Earlier than that we headed out to a neighborhood storage sale in a gated golf course neighborhood seeking costly golf golf equipment priced like low cost golf golf equipment. We discovered a couple of classic golf golf equipment however nothing loopy like a Scotty Cameron or a brand new Ping G425 or something like that however we then head out to a flea market and rummage sale the place we discover some nice golf golf equipment for inexperienced persons and tremendous straightforward to hit golf equipment for prime handicap golfers.


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    1. Dave Wright says:

      These videos are addicting – dad jokes on point – great relationship – you guys deserve all the fame

    2. DLC says:

      Random but what engagement rings you wear 🤔

    3. LONE RANGER says:

      Hey guys where are you based off ?

    4. What are your 9-5 jobs?

    5. Ray miller says:

      Love watching you guys every afternoon after work!

    6. Joe Wagner says:

      What is your fishing channel

    7. Joe Wagner says:

      Ashley is a bubble of energy

    8. Florida must just be a goldmine for used clubs. Pawn shops around here have one set of rusted out Spaldings in a dry rotted bag and they want $300, no negotiation, “I know what I’ve got.”

    9. i think the old cobra baffler is a good looking club, i have one that is in mint condition in my vintage collection

    10. Adam Scott says:

      Skip the Tennis and go to Pickleball. Way easier to learn and way more fun. Got so hooked on pickelball I didn't play golf for a year…

    11. Bill K says:

      Score on those Dynapowers! Great old set.

    12. Do you have an app to find all these garage sales?

    13. Mark Camaro says:

      I wish I had al least 10% happiness as it seems like Ashleigh has

    14. Nikko says:

      i'm a newcomer to your channel from england….got to say i love it!! you both seem to have so much fun and ashleys laugh is infectious….keep up the good work

    15. Woody Strohm says:

      Love the fact that people recognize you two. You’re now famous.

    16. Can I buy the dyna-powers to refinish them? Was thinking black oxide and reshafted with kbs $taper black PVD

    17. DillyDilly G says:

      Ashley is always laughing and having a good time. love the vids and energy you both put out

    18. Casey smith says:

      I almost got for $16 at thrift store a hickory shaft putter but the later near the end versions of Hickory shaft from the early 1920's when they could cut grass better due to some tech they had so the 5-10 degrees of loft was not there and was more like a 1 iron but putter shape with 2-3 degrees loft. If the original grip was not missing I would have bought the club.

    19. uNkLeRaRa4 says:

      I have that exact printer in my office. HP DesignJet 1200 😆

    20. Shane Powell says:

      So wish we had stores like that here in the UK. You seem to find some amazing picks every time. Great content again you guys👍👍

    21. Try Pickleball instead of tennis, you guys will love it. One of the fastest growing sports in USA.

    22. Jason Godsey says:

      I’ve been wanting to try a Cleveland putter forever

    23. jeff green says:

      You guys are becoming celebrities! Happy for you that your channel is growing. You deserve it. Cheers

    24. soharab khan says:

      Woo Hoo, stacked Tennis coming soon lol

    25. Conor Xavier says:

      Your getting too famous 🤣

    26. Mike Dixon says:

      Wow! Hit the Mother Lode!

    27. That's a bargain but most the time it's absolute shite 40 year old clubs.

    28. Bert Baker says:

      Great videos guys, I check every day. Two brands you might pull if you see
      them are Wishon and Maltby, great custom irons.

    29. DannyBoy says:

      Another back room bargain! Love to see it! Headed to Myrtle Beach to see family (my wife and I are both in Healthcare so we're both lucky enough to have been vaccinated, don't worry), and thanks for inspiring me and my wife to look for some clubs and other stuff when we're down there! Love the vids, and we'll let you know if it's a treasure trove.

    30. Jim_Y_Le says:

      no price it's free. I love using that line. lol

    31. Nick D'Amico says:

      Buying up all the good stuff in Melbourne I see

    32. You guys need to get to a Chiropractor. Get things healed up and back to playing!

    33. I’d go out on a limb and say that was your Best Buy ever 😳 if the Odyssey White Hot RX #7 is for sale I’d buy it!!

    34. Jim Riebe says:

      I thought I was watching the Halloween episode. All these fools wearing masks. I think they could have got them clubs for $75

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