PDGA Disc Golf Rules Q & A | Demonstrating Balance on a Putt

QA 37: What’s “Exhibit Balance” for Putts?
As I launch a putt, I push off from my again foot in order that after launch I’m balanced on my entrance foot. I usually freeze there for a couple of seconds, then swing my again foot ahead and proceed towards the outlet. Is that a foot fault?

It is onerous to say. Your group should make a judgment name. To reveal “full management of steadiness” the participant should carry out some motion that breaks up the stream of motion towards the goal after launch, earlier than continuing towards the goal. Some examples of actions that reveal steadiness is likely to be: (1) a clear pause and show of steadiness, (2) placement of the again foot on the bottom behind the mark, or (3) retrieval of the marker disc. The important thing to all of these is to indicate steadiness and management of your physique behind the mark earlier than shifting ahead. The perfect plan of action is to depart no room for doubt, which is straightforward to do if you’re certainly in charge of your physique after you have launched the putt.

Relevant Rules: 802.04 Throwing from a Stance.


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    13 Replies to “PDGA Disc Golf Rules Q & A | Demonstrating Balance on a Putt”

    1. Burps says:

      So, is the example given by Dixon, the demonstrator, a foot fault at 0:05 seconds? He never shows that exact situation…which is the controversial one…in his final explanation. Personally, I think it is a foot fault, and is very commonly seen in intermediate/casual play.

    2. droan999 says:

      What if one is leaning to grab mini and grabs it but stumbled forward? Ive seen it happen on some vids

    3. Nathan Yates says:

      It seems you intentionally left out WHO determines what 'showing balance' means and how to resolve any potential conflict…?

    4. Poker Face says:

      Please make a video with a few jump putt examples and tell the rules.

    5. brett daily says:

      Glad y'all made this video, I posted this question in the comment section of a previous video on pdga rules. Thanks for keeping an eye on what your subscribers want to see!

    6. Thomas says:

      For those asking in chat, PDGA has a video called "demonstrating balance when putting" that answers a lot of questions.

    7. Kolby says:

      So why is Dave Feldburg's putt legal? He step putts no matter how far he is and no one calls him for it. Sometimes I swear his front foot in on the ground before the disc even comes out of his hand.

    8. What if yoy lose balance but step with your opposite foot to the left or right? Is it ok as long as you don't step past your mini?

    9. netposer says:

      Most definitely was a foot fault (first putt of the video)

    10. Sorry to sound confused all the time but wouldn't a step putt technically be a foot fault?

    11. Andy Klinger says:

      Another useful video demonstration. Good job, DD.  More players should read the PDGA Rules Q&A so that they would understand the spirit of a rule verses the letter of the rule.  Showing balance in putting isn't like "sticking the landing" for that perfect score in gymnastics.

    12. Steez says:

      So was that a foot fault? lol

    13. I wish these videos were longer and would show more examples of what are and are not faults.

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