Pebble Beach – The Real Cost

Ever wonder what it costs to play Pebble Beach? I’m here to give you the break down on where to stay, where to play and where to eat along with what this trip will cost you. There are a lot of rumors out there that say you can stay at a hotel in Carmel or Monterrey and just call for a tee time. That may work for Spyglass, Spanish Bay and Del Monte but not always with Pebble Beach. This trip is going to cost you around $4k but you could easily run that number higher. If I can offer you any advice it would be to suck it up and pay. You’re only going to save about $600 a night by not staying at the resort and you run the risk of not being able to play at all. So book in advance and save.


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    26 Replies to “Pebble Beach – The Real Cost”

    1. changeitonem says:

      I get free golf at pebble. Overrated

    2. Such a great video, thanks

    3. Thank you for unloading

    4. radar0412 says:

      I live locally so I can follow the rules, call the day before for a "Guaranteed to finish Tee time" and play when there's abundant sunshine and low winds. Pebble is worth it when you can play in perfect conditions. I play Pebble in perfect conditions about 10 times a year using this method. And when I can't get a "Guaranteed to finish tee time" I WON'T book and save Myself $575.00. 😅

    5. You still making content? Miss this stuff

    6. Rick L says:

      I played Pebble Beach, Spyglass, and Spanish Bay 3 years ago. I paid $2k and it was one of best experiences of my life.

    7. Michael Zane says:

      👍👍👍👍👍⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️ i will be there

    8. John Doe says:

      You have a great swing!

    9. Wow I didnt know it was public

    10. I accompanied my stepdad to a celebrity pro am here…..he was paired with Clint Eastwood,who was mayor lol of Carmel,I believe

    11. Derrick Asa says:

      One day I'll be playing there.

    12. Rory O'Neil says:

      You missed the caddie fee. Do not take a cart at Pebble.

    13. Admittedly a great edit and very informative. Could've done with less footage of the narrator – seems a bit self indulgent. The way to play Pebble is to
      be a local and have employees as friends…

    14. Jason Downs says:

      My buddy is a caddie at Pebble. He swears people walk up and get tee times often on the spot. I told him that I’ll go when I think I am good enough and he said don’t bother. He literally gets people who have never played before, like never, they have never even swung a club, but just want to play Pebble.

    15. Me First says:

      The ultimate teaser, you think this is once in a lifetime so throwing down $4,000 but play it once and you want to come back again and again! It is a great marketing trick.

    16. Once I stayed in the area for a week during the summer. I was able to get a tee time but had to call in 4 or 5 times once a day. It was well worth it 🙂

    17. John Boutet says:

      Played it in July. Stayed at a very nice hotel in Monterey for $149/night. Called 2 days in advance as a single. Was told I could play Spyglass the next day. Didn't want Spyglass. Lady said call back tomorrow I'll get you on Pebble, Called back next day, got a tee time with a threesome for 1:50PM. Played, had a blast. Lesson learned: Stay in Monterey for way way cheaper, play as a single, you'll get on with only one day advance. You're welcome.

    18. I got on at a decent time without staying in the hotel

    19. Go Army says:

      Definitely on my bucket list.

    20. If you can afford it then why not? 👍

    21. UNoBugMe1 says:

      True story. My boss drove a Ford thunder bird rental car with the senior VP of Revlon in the front seat and me in the backseat onto the 17th green following the cart paths to get there. The VP was flipping out crouching down below the dash screaming that we were insane. I have pictures to prove it.

    22. Bruce Seaman says:

      DAMN!!! Brandon Hills it is then

    23. ds1868 says:

      550 golf fees that's ridiculous. I'll stick my local course at St Andrews thanks.

    24. The Guy Show says:

      One of my favorite parts of my home state! Have not Pebble but I have played Pacific Grove several times just minutes north of pebble with an incredible back nine on seventeen mile drive.

    25. mark fragel says:

      would disagree on the your choice of S. Bay over Spy Glass, not sure many would agree with you.

    26. ben says:

      They are clearly ripping people off.

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