Penalty Areas – What are your options and how to take relief – USGA Rules 17.1 explained

Penalty Areas. This is a new term in the revision to the Rules of Golf done in 2019. In this video we learn what they are the options we have from the different kinds of penalty areas. Knowing the rules can help you score better. Knowing the rules give you all the options to make an informed decision.

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    28 Replies to “Penalty Areas – What are your options and how to take relief – USGA Rules 17.1 explained”

    1. Peter Kann says:

      Beautiful very well explained .👌

    2. Not sure what was the difference between going back to the last hit location and going to the line of entry. Seems like it would be more beneficial to go back to the line of entry rather than go all the way back to the last hit location. Did I miss something?

    3. u2ubemeks says:

      Something is wrong with opt 1

    4. Manatee 7 says:

      What's the difference between a red and a yellow penalty area?

    5. When you consider the ball as having entered the hazard, does the ball have to roll into the hazard or can it fly into the hazard as well for when determining entry point into the hazard?

    6. Mack257 says:

      Do you know if all these rules apply the same to high school golf?

    7. Scott Nisbet says:

      when hitting the ball off the tee into the water and taking lateral relief, are you now hitting 3 or 4? Does the drop count as a stroke?

    8. Thanks so much for that video. I recently went into a lateral red hazard zone and I wanted to drop my ball two club lengths as described. My playing partner insisted I play from the hazard even though it was virtually impossible. I took an 11 on that hole and it cost me the competition. I will stick up for myself now if it happens again. 👍🏽

    9. Should you not put a tee in the ground at the last option.? Two club length from where the ball crossed, and put the tee there, and then you have the arc where you can drop…It is just a minor fault, but i think you have to do it to follow the rules…

    10. I concur – Wrong (incorrect) drop at 3:50 – It’s two club lengths from where it entered.

    11. Trying to figure out why there is the option to drop back on the line OR drop two club lengths away only. Why would we want to limit the drop distance by only two club lengths when there is the option to drop as far back as we want? What am I missing?

    12. atjr says:

      Critical audio points are missing or deleted

    13. Michael Vern says:

      What are the rules for white stakes??

    14. Ian Lobb says:

      I have tried almost everywhere for a ruling, perhaps you can enlighten me on the below scenario,

      Your ball is lying inside a red penalty area (Water hazard) but not in the water itself, however there is casual water where your ball is lying inside the penalty area, what are your options?

      This happened just the other day with a playing partner and I said bad luck you can't move it without a penalty,

      Hope you can clarify this for me as my playing partner disagreed,

    15. darkhorse says:

      3:50 Lateral Relief. INCORRECT INFORMATION. The Reference Point is ON the edge of the red penalty area where your ball went in. You must take 2 club lengths from that. You cannot take a 'Full Relief' stance (like from a cart path) and then add 2 more club lengths!

    16. francs2345 says:

      For the 2nd option you said you can go back and far as you want on that line and drop within a club length. There was a fairway behind you on that line. Can you drop in the fairway if you keep going back? Thanks!

    17. Mo says:

      So, you first take your stance outside the penalty area, mark where the ball would be, and THEN measure your 2 club lengths? Because I always thought it was 2 club lengths from the penalty line? This makes a huge difference. (3:48 on video)

    18. As a new golfer this video helps a lot. Thanks!

    19. Jeff Ward says:

      Hi Andy. In the video we can’t see any penalty area marking, but I assume from your pointing with the club that it’s close to the long grass, or the line of the long grass itself. The correct reference point for relief is on that edge of the penalty area. When you demonstrate taking relief you appear to simulate a stance outside the penalty area to mark another reference point from which you measure two club lengths. If the edge of the penalty area is as I suggested above, this would be incorrect. Is the edge of the penalty area close to, or at the line of, long grass? Or is it further out, where you placed the tee.

    20. Alex Wilson says:

      I like how you don’t waste time with introductory babble. You get right to the point. Thank you!

    21. If your ball hits on ground then goes into water, after crossing water in front of green, you drop where ball hit by the green, but no closer to the hole, correct?

    22. Good video, it’s much easy to understand the rules visually 👍👍

    23. wozz here says:

      where do you drop if you hit a ball at the green it goes over the green through the bunker behind it and into the water hazard behind bunker, do you drop in the bunker or another area

    24. Hey Andy! Tx! Good to see you again. Stay safe.

    25. AaronH. says:

      Is there any difference in the amount of penalty strokes received based on whether the ball is lost or found in the penalty area?

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