Peter Finch in new Netflix Full Swing documentary?! [FULL REACTION] | Rough Cut Golf Podcast 004

On this episode…Getting over Blue Monday, was the Hero Cup a success?, and first thoughts on the new Netflix doc, Full Swing, featuring Peter Finch?!

The Rough Cut Golf podcast is part of the Finch Golf Media network.

0:00 Intro
1:36 The New Theme Tune
5:45 Blue Monday
9:25 Keeping memorable golf items?
12:26 The Hero Cup, was it a success?
20:23 Si Woo Kims wins The Sony Open
22:24 Pete’s first round of 2022 + Build My Bag plans?
29:02 Rage on the golf course…
34:58 Full Swing first reactions
45:34 Peter Finch in Full Swing?!
47:30 – Full Swing first reaction (continued…)
54:33 – The 150th Open
57:09 – Hearing Smith to LIV rumours…
58:26 Rory McIlroy
1:00:40 Who Am I?
1:05:21 Mick guessed it before the show?
1:08:24 Outro


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    37 Replies to “Peter Finch in new Netflix Full Swing documentary?! [FULL REACTION] | Rough Cut Golf Podcast 004”

    1. Alex Wiles says:

      This is my first podcast episode,and soon as I heard the intro music, instantly knew I'd love it 👍🤣🤣

    2. KREATION says:

      post on apple podcast

    3. JGMossy says:

      I've kept a golf ball that was given to me by my Dad when he played at the grove. It stays on the front of my bag until I get the chance to play there.

    4. brubeck67 says:

      5 seconds in, intro alone worth a like 😂

    5. DG Riley says:

      Gutted you didn’t release the intro theme on the run up to Christmas…

      We could have gone for Christmas number 1.

    6. Scott Proud says:

      I hope Pete is still in the full swing show but his face is blurred out like a criminal in an old episode of cops 😂- another great cast gents looking forward to the next one.

    7. I love the theme song!

    8. Mike Alessi says:

      Hedwig is present lol…I digging the podcast lads…cheers

    9. weeceman2006 says:

      Loving “Who am I”! I got this week’s person on the first clue! Good job, Pete!

    10. Emile Jansen says:

      That beeb was way to loud, I almost fell off the treatmill in the gym. Theme is awesome!!

    11. Mel Abshier says:

      I've had 2 holes in one. With a Precept golf ball and a Srixon divide Red/Yellow. Still have both balls. Each mounted in a hole in one trophy. I play off a 9-10 handicap. Shot 70, two under, with a Srixon Q-star tour which is my lowest round ever. I wrote the score and date on the ball. The only thing that pissed me off was if I would have shot that score a couple weeks later, I would have shot my age. LOL.

    12. Duke says:

      Another great episode guys! Just wondering if Pete is going to be doing any more videos with his dad? I love them videos!

    13. Taking a hat off inside is a Medieval tradition. It was a sign of distrust or disrespect if you, a protected guest, wore your helmet within the walls for protection.

    14. Tyler Palmer says:

      The only ball that has been kept around our house was one that my son used to love playing with as a toddler. It has a Juicy-Fruit logo on it. He used to watch me play Tiger Woods Golf on the Xbox and he naturally learned how to swing just from watching it. I would take him to the range when he was around 3 years old and he could drive his little junior driver about 50 yards. He didn't keep up with it but now he's back to wanting to play, at 17 years old, lol. Glad to have him back interested, though!

    15. Love the podcast guys, I apologize for my comment on the first episode, I wasn't in a good headspace at the time

    16. Title of the video is literally a 2 minute section of the podcast, clickbait

    17. Barlow260 says:

      Got Steve Striker on clue 1 👍🥳 There was a big thing about him coming from Wisconsin at the Ryder Cup ✅

    18. Ian Stoddart says:

      Never heard of Millawokki, but I'm sure it's lovely 🤣

    19. Love you guys, More Kieran he's tops! Great podcast keep up the good work Guys!

    20. you have found a good dynamic in the "panel". Really enjoy listening.

    21. Bluetoughguy says:

      I got my first hole in one this week and didn't think about keeping the Ball, but my mate told me to!

    22. Croy01 says:

      Love the content Great pod cast Well done Team Finch pure class 👌🏌‍♂⛳

    23. DudeItsShags says:

      Callaway is the driver

    24. David Spence says:

      Loving this 🙌 great work guys 👏👏👏

    25. I've helicoptered a few clubs in my youth. Fortunately, I've recovered from that malady with age. Good content, y'all.

    26. Zack Newman says:

      As soon as he said Wisconsin, Striker was the immediate guest.

    27. Morgan Dixon says:

      My blue monday, bought some cobra t rails…came yesterday and my electrician called them ugly 😂😭😂

    28. Jeremy Olsen says:

      You should weight the answers to the trivia. The fewer hints given before an answer, the higher the score. Also, a more 90’s sitcom video quality would really elevate the intro.

    29. Loving this lads, so more relaxed than other golf podcasts, your on to a winner!!!

    30. H A says:

      35:00 As someone who was in multiple professional sports (golf being one), been on a “reality” show and who hates things that are produced and not authentic I’ll give you my insight. First, these “reality” shows are not reality. They are produced reality. As a person who has been behind the scenes these types of shows are cringy to watch because you see how manufactured/produced/fake it is. There are two types of athletes, athletes on camera and off. This is just another way to produce a show to SELL you what they want you to see as a way in the long run to get money and for advertisers. The other thing is when companies/tours/media pumps out the line “its for the good of the game” or “this will help the sport grow..” And people actually eat that up. What you mean is it will put more money in peoples pockets whether or not its good for the game. Cheers

    31. BJM276 says:

      At one time you weren't supposed to wear the same clothes you wore on the course in the clubhouse or allowed to hang your coat on th back of a chair. Lots of outdated things lik that. I went to pebble beach and was allowed in the club house with beach shorts and cap. So it's generally English traditions of etiquette.

    32. AR147 says:

      Mick, why do you look like Louis Oosthuizen? heh

    33. K says:

      I never thrown a club but I’ve come close. Frustration is an interesting experience.

    34. Asher Dales says:

      To whoever is editing the podcast please drop the amplification on the beep to about .2. I had the podcast cranked up to hear everyone and got blasted by it.

    35. Rob Thomas says:

      He was on side just saying

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