PGA TOUR 2K21 | Max Distance vs Forgiveness & Control

Are you having bother controlling your swing line and tempo in PGA Tour 2K21?

Perhaps a change of golf equipment are so as!!

On this video I am going to present you that the gap stat is NOT important so as to compete. Even the shortest distance golf equipment can compete and hit the greens in regulation supplying you with loads of alternatives AND from the ideas.

If you wish to skip forward to the beginning of the spherical…..

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    9 Replies to “PGA TOUR 2K21 | Max Distance vs Forgiveness & Control”

    1. mr illis says:

      First of the golf tubers I've seen so far that don't dress themselves like complete trash.

    2. So I was having trouble getting perfects, now I got that down and now I'm pushing the ball with my thumb stick lol it's the little things in this game

    3. Great tutorials, thanks. Dumb question: how do I add myself as a ghost? That's a great way to practice shots.

    4. Bommer says:

      Bro. You are wearing my outfit

    5. I think if you can play consistently with the purple clubs then it’s an advantage because you are are going into the green with shorter clubs and therefore have more control. However if you can’t play consistently with them it’s pointless using them

    6. T Mitchell says:

      I've been tinkering with partial swings today as my tempo is awful (particularly with irons/wedges). It seems to me that it reduces the chances of a "red "swing a bit and also reduces the penalty when u get one. The way to go I feel (so far)

    7. T Mitchell says:

      35:12 You say the wedges are easier due to the size of the timing window but my wedge play is my weakness….do u (or anyone else) have tips for accurate wedge play?

    8. Good info there pal for people that need it, as was your previous one regarding knowing your clubs.

      Been using the TM set myself for a good few weeks and they really do suit my style of play, love them.

      Don’t know if you’ve unlocked them yet but I unlocked the Ben Hogan set earlier and looking at the wedges they are the same as TM but give you 2 options per wedge. Just a FYI there 😂
      Great vid as usual pal 👍

    9. I don’t think it makes a great deal of difference on Xbox selecting a club with big or less forgiveness I go for a wider swing plane, it’s not worth the loss of distance to me

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