PGA TOUR 2K23 Straight swing and perfect tempo (The Terminator Method)

Top-of-the-line methods to get perfect tempo and swing plain on PGA TOUR 2K23. Swing like a machine!

I do know many have struggled with swing plain on this sport for one motive or one other, their previous technique might not of been as efficient or their unable to enhance any additional.

Right here I current to you the “Terminator” technique, or the “Wrist rotation” technique, or simply the “thumb anchor” technique. I’ve but to resolve on a reputation. 🤔
I feel the terminator technique, as you may swing like a machine.

This technique will mix the utilization of your thumb pushing ahead and your wrist rotating concurrently. Over time you’ll develop a really feel for this, similar to an actual golf swing, observe will 100% repay.

Bear in mind to maintain your thumb straight and regular, deal with the thumb place in relation to the stick and the grip of the correct hand for the wrist rotation.

I perceive everybody may have barely completely different hand measurement and construction which can range the way you go about this however I hope you’ll be able to turn out to be much more constant than ever earlier than with time.

The profit to utilizing this technique is that you’ll at all times be capable of enhance with every and each sport. I’ll show why I do know this to be the case throughout the second half of the video. (no spoilers)

This can be a very simular video to 1 beforehand that I did for xbox over 3 years in the past,

Right here, the strategy is improved upon with ps5 controllers, ps4 controllers and hopefully higher high quality and explanations.

Get pleasure from, be persistent, and in case you have problem, ask me as I should still be capable of assist.



Recorded in 1:1 ratio, as I needed to put telephone in a glass to maintain it nonetheless whereas shoot on the identical time.

All music free to play below the inventive commons license.


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    17 Replies to “PGA TOUR 2K23 Straight swing and perfect tempo (The Terminator Method)”

    1. Golf Boy says:

      I tried this and nah it's crazy how you control your thumb, I notice you have long thumbs I have short ones lol

    2. Alan Kearney says:

      Thanks for the tip, will have to give it a try

    3. Stream/upload your rounds man

    4. 2oonGamer says:

      Love the guide!
      I currently play on 3-click because of issues I've had with getting a straight swing, I'll give this a go sometime

    5. DenaliPanda says:

      Is there a benefit to using left stick or is it just a comfort thing?

    6. DenaliPanda says:

      That is wild you are that good. No wonder you are at the top always! Amazing! Thanks for the video!

    7. Zarek says:

      hey lindsay, how did you calibrate? 10 slows, 10 fast or 5 fast 5 slow? Thanks in advance

    8. SPICE3419 says:

      Also digging the Terminator music at the end!

    9. Is the cable connection important?

    10. SPICE3419 says:

      What a great video. I’m going to give that a try when I get back to Oklahoma!

    11. Erikkk says:

      Awesome vid bro!! You're still the 🐐!! And we want more, we want more, we want more!!

    12. Zarek says:

      Thank you Lindsay!!! 👍

    13. Kawkster says:

      You’re a legend Lindsay!

    14. Name_Erik says:

      Cant believe you get it so straight every time, I will try that later on today

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