PGA Tour 2K23: The Final Preview

We performed a pair hours of PGA Tour 2K23, the most recent in 2K’s quickly evolving golf sim collection. We tried out High Golf, making a MyPlayer, and performed a spherical of 18 to see how each the three-click and Swing Stick shot mechanics felt. Written by Ryan McCaffrey.


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    24 Replies to “PGA Tour 2K23: The Final Preview”

    1. That’s sick thow top golf in 23

    2. C B says:

      Looks like a ps3 game… Is this some kind of a joke? Seriously who tf would buy this? Looks exactly the same as the ps3 version that came out over 10 years ago

    3. Heath C says:

      Give us new announcers

    4. john wood says:

      All style and no substance.

    5. 0 0 says:

      How have they not got the masters yet. I'd buy it in an instant if it did

    6. Don't buy anything TakeTwo, Activision or EA it's not that hard

    7. Siege Rhino says:

      00:49 for anyone who hasn't played the last game in the series, the crowd noise is exactly the same recording as this for every shot. It's incrediblly irritating after a few rounds and shows how lazy the developers are that they still haven't updated or added to it.

    8. Kyle Brock says:

      Needs a tiger woods driving mode.

    9. I’ll never understand how a golf game doesn’t look the absolute top notch in graphics. There virtually no physics with the actual player, it’s almost all the golf ball, then the rest of the game is just pre designed animations. This game should look better than horizon, like 90% of this game is pre rendered animations smh

    10. A 1 says:

      Ability to improvise on the course, replaying shots, holes, better online community, better visuals, non braindead commentary………….MAYBE NEXT YEARS GUYS AND GALS

    11. stp366 says:

      What difficulty you playing on?

    12. ARCTIC FURY says:

      Love the look of those courses 😉 😉

    13. Classic 2K game. Full price and no changes from the previous one

    14. cool says:

      Ninja theory video games are cool

    15. Grady Turay says:

      Did this really need to happen

    16. rafael pozo says:

      Hope we get abby as playable character

    17. TelosBudo says:

      2K is so much better than EA

    18. Cross platform play though?

    19. The Jiffy says:

      Has the commentary improved at all? The limited lines heard in this preview sound exactly the same as PGA Tour 2021, and that game's commentary left a lot to be desired.

    20. Lowki says:

      10000x time better than elden ring

    21. The Chef says:

      Animations look worse than the 2012 tiger woods game….

    22. This looks almost identical to last years. What's new?

    23. Ben Slym says:

      This looks like a massive step forward for 2K in the golfing genre. Lighting looks great, new animations look great too. Can't wait to play

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