Physics of Flight 3.02: Putting w/ Robert McCall | Disc Golf Instructional Video

Robert McCall is here to drop some knowledge on putting. Everything from push putts to spin putts and how to change your putt to best work for you. He’ll be joined by 2018 World Champion Paige Bjerkaas to demonstrate some different ways of putting and help you ring those chains.

Duration: 26:40



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    36 Replies to “Physics of Flight 3.02: Putting w/ Robert McCall | Disc Golf Instructional Video”

    1. EvilMelon says:

      This guy's The Equalizer of putting

    2. what are the things you say written on the mini. i gotta know. incantations? prayers? promises to the old gods? affirmations?
      I always say "Easy (winding up) Money (shot)"

    3. Jasen Mayle says:

      What are the things you say to yourself when putting? What’s on your mini?

    4. Ryan Suter says:

      Thank you for the purring info though

    5. Ryan Suter says:

      To me you came across as condescending toward Page even if you didn’t mean to. Be careful with trying to be cute.

    6. Swish says:

      Is that a phone in your pocket, or are you just happy to be playing disc golf?

    7. watchin says:

      Excellent comprehensive tutorial.

    8. Web User says:

      I didn't know Taylor Lautner played disc golf

    9. Persiah 777 says:

      I have tried doing a push putt a hundred times and I just don't get it. The disc always comes out very strange looking and inconsistent. People like Kevin, Ricky, Paul, and Hailey King all have putts where it seems like it's coming from low and in the middle. Every time I try one it never comes out flat or fast enough. If I try to add speed, it just wobbles. I consider myself a pretty good spin putter, but I know my form is not very efficient. I have the disc straight out in front of me and then I cock it back to my chest and spin it straight forward. This is the most accurate style I've found, but it's impossible to get more than 30ish feet without changing my form up. What am I not understanding about the push putt?

    10. Joseph Lynn says:

      Well damn, it was nice hearing your thoughts Paige

    11. Xovius says:

      21:00 hahaha
      I hear that point all the time. "Just grab a huge stack of putters and throw all of them".
      I wonder how many putters the viewers of this video have on average, guessing it's closer to 1 than 10…

    12. My stroke always feels good just sayin

    13. Was anyone else hoping for an actual physics lesson?

    14. Eric Fleet says:

      I'm here after playing a round with great drives, great approaches but ten missed putts… Missed my personal best by only three strokes… If I could have even hit half of those putts….

    15. Dah J says:

      2:37 what happened to the audio

    16. Paul Salomon says:

      You really ought to put Paige Bjerkaas's name on the title of this video.

    17. zaneisland D says:

      I have most problems getting power to putts. I always miss short and have real issues putting more that 30feet. Hybrid style

    18. The music in the interludes is the most annoying sound I think I've ever heard

    19. I know that "physics of flight" works nicely as alliteration, but, as a physics major in college, I am disappointed to see there is literally no real physics mentioned. A more appropriate, yet less catchy, name for the series would be "analysis of flight"

    20. Hey! This was posted on my birthday this year

    21. You keep saying… personal preference. How is that helpful? Everyone wants to make putts!

    22. Why the Shield get no love?

    23. 2:32 what happent to ur mic?

    24. Zachary Ross says:

      Man, Paige is super adorable and charming! Great technique and form, I hope to be as good at putting as her someday. This video was REALLY very informative. Lots of great pointers and easy to understand (and apply) explanations. Their demonstrations of different styles, forms, and techniques are incredibly useful!! Thanks for this one!

    25. Zach B says:

      No sidearm putting? I'm pretty new to DG and last time I was out I spent some time just putting when I completed the last hole of the course. I gave sidearm putting a try and it felt better and I was much more successful, at a few different distances, around circle's edgeish.

      I've just recently started watching the Pro Tour and other DG stuff on the 'Tube and haven't yet seen anyone side arm putt. Is it not a thing, or?

    26. Jose Jones says:

      Easy with those idiotic side video angles.

    27. Javaman92 says:

      I watched this then went out and spent a couple hours practicing. And I've improved! Thanks!!

    28. thanks for vid. get a lapel mic if at all possible. production is good but needs same quality audio to match

    29. too much talking. more showing

    30. 4:24 ""Piage Bjerkaas" lol

    31. Tonya Temple says:

      Loved this one! Really loved Paige's insight at the end about making sure everything feels right. I get in those times where nothing feels right and it's terrible. I'm definitely going to practice how she suggested!

    32. getting the stroke and making it feel good…. and it feels good as it's coming out of my hand

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