Ping G425 Irons can you really play these irons on the golf course. In this latest golf club review Mark Crossfield is testing the NEW PING G425 IRONS from Ping Golf. The G425 irons are designed as forgiving golf irons with high MOI to help all levels of golfer but are the Ping irons G425 one of the best golf irons for mid handicap or the best irons for high handicaps golfers. In this golf club review Mark goes through it all, including technology, dry ball numbers, look and feel. Can you play Ping G425 irons on a golf course, will these irons be the best forgiving irons to date and will they top the charts and be the most forgiving irons of 2021, enjoy the video and find out.

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    1. simon jones says:

      Hi mark great video I picked up a set of ping g425 irons which were only played a few times traded in my Taylor made m2 irons which for some reason I couldn't get on with nice club though , I played the pings on the course and found a huge difference in accuracy and was holding the green with a six iron which for me is unheard of , I'm playing off 26 and like you say the confidence just looking down at address made me feel like I could hit a really nice shot , I feel that the finish on these clubs because they are all one finish without any shiny chrome and bits of Matt like on some clubs helped me concentrate and they have a classy look to them

    2. Charles Roux says:

      Your channel is fantastic and very informative. I was fit for clubs for the first time and my club fitter put me into a full set of G425s ( Driver – PW ) and Ping wedges. I'm a 13 hcap going from my father's graphite senior flex G20 woods and irons to D, 3W, 5W stiff graphite and 5i-lw stiff steel. Can't wait to get them on the course.

    3. Neil Yeomans says:

      Mark, question I can see that your pings are red dot what is you height and wrist to floor length?

    4. David Deboy says:

      stick with titleist or calaway or mizuno.

    5. David Deboy says:

      These always hit right. You need to aim 25 yards left with nearly every club.

    6. “It’s got 5 iron written on the bottom. That’s what I mean by that”. Lol, exactly.

    7. 3cats says:

      so i recently went in for a fitting to by my first set of new irons after playing ping eye2 blues for the last 20 years (off and on) of all the new irons i hit blind, it was the ping g425 that i hit the best, which i found a bit funny as i have only ever played ping irons. the pro who was doing my fitting mentioned something about people who can hit pings well for whatever reason, tend to always hit pings well, versus other irons. and that people who dont hit them well, for whatever reason, really struggled with ping. he was saying most either hit them or they dont, there isnt a lot of "so-so" ping iron hitters…has anyone found this to be true or ever heard of this?

    8. Do these stop on the green or roll out?

    9. Jade Smith says:

      The consistency off the face and ability to shape…
      Said no single digit golfer 🤘

    10. Mark Haylor says:

      I've just been fitted for the G425 and I can't wait to try them out on the course.

    11. Machine Head says:

      Just got fitted for a set of new irons this morning, Mark, and ordered a set of these, 5 – GW and also a 4 hybrid. Certainly hit them further than my current clubs, and they launch higher too. Really looking forward to using them, although I’ll have to wait probably ‘til January before they arrive…

    12. sheepish95 says:

      Just got a custom fit and ordered these 🙂 It was between this and the SIM 2 TaylorMade need a bit of forgiveness and decided these as the SIM 2 were a bit heavy and although consistent I thought as you get used to the SIM 2 you'd just hit them miles

    13. Mark Thomson says:

      Just got fitted for a set of these today. Compared them against my beginners macgregor dct2000’s. Unreal difference between the two. I was hitting the the ball straighter and much, much longer. Back order to the end of the year though.

    14. My clubs are big berthas 2006 , it’s between these and titliest T300

    15. NYcontractAR says:

      Can you provide any information on your screen set up.

    16. Rick Dykstra says:

      I've been playing Ping Zing clubs since they cam out in the early '90's. Now that I' 68, I'm hitting those irons 15 yards less than several years ago. I just went for an iron fitting, and the G425's were by far the best fit for me. With the senior flex graphic shafts, I had a much tighter grouping than all the other clubs I tried, including my Zings, and I got the 15 yards back.

    17. GOV221 says:

      Came from Nike Slingshots to G425s…and am smoking the golf balls (Vice) with these; plus these clubs have so much forgiveness. Glad I bought these.

    18. Mike S says:

      Stock swing weight is super low at D0, make sure you get fitted

    19. The Big Guy says:

      I’m still gaming Karsten 2014 irons. Is it time to upgrade?

    20. Why does your title askes if you can play them on the golf course………then you test them on a golf simulator? lol Naturally I would think you would be on the golf course.

      Anyways, I would be interested in a ping eye 2 vs the g425. I have a set of the ping eye 2 and loved the review, thanks.

    21. JJackMoto says:

      I just now upgraded from my Ping Eye 2s to these; blue dot, KBS tour 90 stiff, 1/2" added. They are absolutely fantastic clubs, worth every penny.

    22. Sean Moore says:

      Thinking of getting a new set of irons but not sure what ones, just starting to get back into golf what do you reckon.

    23. Duffer Dave says:

      Love the clubs, hate that it now onto 6 weeks waiting for Ping to ship them.

    24. Erik Alvarez says:

      Considered these alot but found a set of Mizuno jpx 919s for a deal

    25. Using Ping Eye 2's right now that were nice hand-me-downs from my dad. I've been looking to upgrade to the G425's so would love to see that comparison!

    26. Love my G425’s from eye 2+ generation 😎

    27. N Noddy says:

      Love to see how they have changed since the G30.

    28. Jim Paras says:

      good stuff Mark. AM considering these for my new set.

    29. Tony Dean says:

      Nice to see you being so honest right at the start.

    30. LesProdsDF says:

      187 carry with a 7i….typical numbers, not. How is this supposed to relate to average players.

    31. Ken Oath says:

      Love my Ping clubs, I play G irons or my I200's depending on how well I'm striking. What I love about my G's is the consistency front to back dispersion, I can shape shots and it offers so much forgiveness on a poor strike.

    32. Just got fitted for these 5 days ago and ordered a set of 4-PW with 1” shaft extension. Don’t know if I can wait the 4 weeks for delivery!!
      Update May 25: Still waiting 2 months later from March 20th order date!😡

    33. David Thomas says:

      I will be testing when lockdown ends, in the market for new irons after struggling for 2 seasons with mizuno jpx919 hot metals. Keen to know your thoughts on a comparison on the g425 and g710’s?

    34. I'd would love to see you do a vid on Tour Edge ESX220h

    35. Back in the mid-eighties when I was attempting to be a professional golfer. I went right from Wilson blades to the Ping Eye 2. Huge difference of course . And I played my best golf with those irons. The only flaw was sometimes if you were really pure with a hit you get an extra 10 yards you did not plan for.

    36. Dale Hillman says:

      What is it you are standing on when hitting?

    37. Mark, you like the black 710’s more than these? I’m about to buy a set and wondered your opinion?

    38. Carlo R. S. says:

      Pings rule! I've been playing G-15's & i love how high they fly & I really don't care if they are "chunky" because it is results that count. I think it's time to upgrade to these 425s.

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