Ping G425 MAX Fairway Review. Let the 3 wood BOMBS begin!

Ping G425 MAX Fairway Wood Evaluation. With some delicate and a few might say aggressive design modifications this 12 months, Ping have designed a possible Driver substitute. Its lengthy, very lengthy, presumably too lengthy as peak heights and management could also be compromised except appropriately Customized Fitted.

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    14 Replies to “Ping G425 MAX Fairway Review. Let the 3 wood BOMBS begin!”

    1. John Peebles says:

      Great review, thanks. What type of swing plane trainer is that?

    2. Edmund Gil says:

      Fantastic review! No other reviewer changes the loft and compares the two settings against each other. I thought the differences would be greater! At 16°, still a “bomber”!

    3. BirdVid says:

      What shaft were you testing this with?

    4. Nice review. I have the Ping G 425 Max in the 5 and 7 Woods. Love em !!!!!

    5. Joey Bikes says:

      Another benefit of the SF Tec fairways is they are larger than the other two options. I didn't really slice the ball with my G 410s (non sf tec) so I don't need that weighting but I really dig the club head size.

    6. hawkey100 says:

      Is there a SFT in the fairway ? I thought the fairway wood came in a LST and the Max

    7. les moore says:

      All i can say is wow wow wow…..hahaha it's almost comical how far you are sending that 3 wood…thanks for the content….i always enjoy your work…and your swing looks awesome….

    8. Ian Llewelyn says:

      Would you consider the 5 wood which is slightly shorter and crank down to 16 degrees?

    9. Have you tried the new Mizuno STZ fairway woods yet? I hear that it is between them and the Ping 425’s for 2021

    10. Sounds like the 5w dropped a degree and the 7w at standard could be a plan….🤔

    11. Steve- O says:

      Hey Jay, to me the G425 looks like the G25 I wonder how they would compare against each other

    12. NEIL CLARKE says:

      Hi Jay! I wonder…for an average swing speed player, what would be best this ping fw or the new Mizuno fw? 👌😉

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