PING have NAILED IT with these NEW IRONS! | PING i525 Irons

PING have NAILED IT with these NEW IRONS! | PING i525 Irons Ping have NAILED IT with these NEW IRONS! we have seen the launch of a variety of new golf golf equipment up to now in 2022… however what are the very best golf golf equipment of 2022? what are the very best forgiving golf golf equipment? the very best irons of 2022? and what might probably beat the Cobra cast tech irons as the very best forgiving irons? on this video we check out the model new Ping i525 irons. Ping have a wealthy historical past of creating nice irons, the very best mid handicap golf golf equipment, the very best excessive handicap golf golf equipment, the very best forgiving irons particularly… so are these the very best? changing the Ping i500 can be no imply feat… however I feel they may have nailed it with this one… and so they could have nailed it now!


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    29 Replies to “PING have NAILED IT with these NEW IRONS! | PING i525 Irons”

    1. Higrosswdnh says:

      Just played my best 2 rounds of the summer first weekend with them in the bag!!! They are really confidence inspiring. Coming from blades that I wasn’t quite good enough to play with… wish I had these in the spring. They are super long. They go miles high! I don’t care what anyone says about the spin. I was backing these up into pins the last 2 days! Great review!!! They are perfect for me

    2. Ivan Boesky says:

      Every new club is the latest and greatest for the shopper addicts. Perpetually amusing. 😀

    3. Jim Aldridge says:

      I currently play the Titleist 714 AP2's which I do like. After 8 years playing with these it was time for an upgrade. Now in my mid 60's it was time to get something more forgiving and give me the distance I have lost. The Ping i525 fit the bill. After trying numerous other brands these were the ones that fitted me best. I ordered the set and look forward to putting these irons in play for the next 8 years.

    4. MrYoliss says:

      Another great video
      I think a match between you and Michael Newton would be a great watch

    5. Toney O says:

      I played the eye 2 in high school, the Zing and Zing 2 and ISI in college, the eye 3 in the early 2000’s and the s 59s. My last set was the G series and in all of them the on center hits were good the off center hits were sharp feeling. I just bought the i525s and with technology I think the feel should be just fine.

    6. jetdr says:

      If these would have come out one year sooner, I would have them in my Bag. always loved Ping. still have my Ping Eye 2's from 1998, my Wife uses them.

    7. Matt Duhm says:

      When reviewing clubs, I assume you get the standard steel shafts from which ever company send them to you. However, do you get the regular, stiff or XS flex normally?

    8. TheBadGolfer says:

      Did they really send you clubs to try??? That’s pretty awesome of them to do.

    9. Neil Shearn says:

      Such a good looking club.

    10. Tohm Sono says:

      most annoying golfer on internet

    11. jhbrett says:

      The Kirkland V2 ball might be the perfect match for the i525.

    12. nick perry says:

      On holiday at the moment in Florida. Just bought a set!!!! 5 to pw. Plus 2 wedges. Looking forward to trying them out on the course. Have to say. In the sim they felt fantastic!!

    13. Odd heading, considering your comments suggest you didn't like these irons.

    14. What handicap do you think these irons suit best James?
      They look lovely

    15. Chris Mohn says:

      Too funny as I just did that; retired my Ping i3 blades for these irons.

    16. I must admit that a softer and responsive feel is what I prefer. I've played PING G30 before and they were good performance wise. But I ended switching to Srixon Z585 irons which perform just as good but feel much better (which is always subjective, of course).

    17. 214JTS says:

      Ordered the i525 a week ago paired with true temper elevate shafts shortened 1/2” with mid size grips. Came In only 6 days!!! Liked them better than the p790s and titleist t200s

    18. Val Misra says:

      Hi James! Great video and review 🙂 How do you compare the 2021 P790s with Ping’s 2022 i525s? Thanks

    19. Kim Morrison says:

      I have not bothered to dig into these irons yet but assume they have stronger lofts? my current Ping i series irons have standard lofts like 33 degrees for a 7 and 30 degrees for a 6.

    20. Ben H says:

      I'm currently gaming i20 irons. Aiming to get fitted for these soon.

    21. Ellis Oneill says:

      Shocking swing tho need to loose abit of timber shag

    22. Rick Cudmore says:

      Hey James, I have booked a fitting for new irons and was wondering if you could do a review of the latest hollow back irons and maybe include the direct to consumer clubs.

    23. What you said about ping irons and feel, I bought a set of ping eye blue dot off a friend about 10 years ago. I played ok with them, but they felt like junk. I replaced them after about 2 years. I’m not the best golfer, but I am very sensitive to feel. I can’t get new clubs very often, but I’m always searching for golf balls I like the feel of since I can’t afford to lose proV1’s and I can’t always get the same ball depending on the store I go to.

    24. Jeff T says:

      It’s obvious even average golfers love the look of “blades”. Therefore all manufacturers are coming out with a version of “blades” that are actually pretty forgiving and in no way “blades”.

    25. He already has the new i525 irons, and i dont even have my G425 Irons now 😀 (already waiting for 6 Months now :D)

    26. Ping designers sit round a table….

      "Show me this P790 of which you talk of"

      "Yes, take that to the factory along with tracing paper and make it"

    27. fiestatime92 says:

      They are absolutely stunning

    28. Are you using a new camera today as the footage looks so much crisper?

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