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Ping i20 Ping G20 Driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA skilled AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the very fashionable Ping G20 up towards the gamers i20. The G20 is utilized by nice gamers like Bubba Watson, Lee Westwood and Hunter Mahan. Watch one other Mark Crossfield gear evaluation and see how these two effectively made driver match up to one another and see which one would possibly enable you to hit extra fairways.


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    49 Replies to “Ping i20 Ping G20 Driver”

    1. IAN BARTLETT says:

      Hi Mark ive just taken up golf again at 59 yrs and have the g20 along with my original ping eye 2 irons from way back,and yes i do need driving lessons i see youre at Clifton Hill my old athletics club you do lessons? or is it just demonstrations down there?

    2. Still gaming the I20. Last tested it 2-3 years ago against everything and nothing touched it. Unreal how much confidence I have with that club. Only time I lay up is if Im running out of fairway.

    3. Luuk Damen says:

      Just bought a pre-owned, little used G20.
      I can’t wait to try it out on the driving range.
      For me the G20 looks classy, modest, but….A wolf in sheep’s clothes is you like the analogy.

    4. Norman Sykes says:

      Hey Mark. I’ve recently bought a. TM M6, M3, Tour Edge EXS but I keep going back to my Ping G15. I’m waiting on a mint condition G20 to arrive from Texas. It’s crazy how these older model Pings with no adjustable hosel and weights still can out perform these newer drivers. It’s crazy!

    5. Mark, it's 2018 and there has been a lot of 'technology' since this review but I've just bought a G20 from golfbidder and can't wait to get back to a classic uncomplicated, great performing driver….#retromydriver

    6. Mike Lemaux says:

      Cool videos Mark, keep it up

    7. Cormac Dunne says:

      Fuck you mark you shit golfer

    8. Sammy says:

      Well I'm 5'8" so the shaft was a little long but I got used to it. I just hit the ball better with the g20

    9. I won a T.M. burner superfast and its okay. You really prefer the G-20? The prices of the G-20 are down since the advent of the G-25 so looks attractive to me. I'm 6'2", 34" inseam, does it come long enough?
      Thanks and good hitting.

    10. Sammy says:

      I love my g20 I gave up my burner superfast 2.0 and the g20 is hands down better. More forgiving off the toe and heel and not sacrifice of distance

    11. G20 is for longer distances and stuff. If you looking for a proficient driver that will get you straight and accurate, go for a i20

    12. I bought an i20 driver today and immediately took it to the range. I love it, it's light and flies absolutely straight for me. It does seem to pop the ball up somewhat high but I'm using a 10.5 degree club.

    13. Side85Winder says:

      why would you want to compare a G series game improvement agaisnt a club designed for low hcp golfers. If anything compare Anser, i20, titleist d3 and other products aimed at the same skill range of golfers. Comparing spin of 2 different shafts and heads isnt going to get mesurable results either but gave a ball park idea i guess.

    14. stfn00 says:

      Were you expecting him to remain silent during the review ??
      Then maybe we, as viewers, can guess what he is trying to say based on his body language! That sounds like a practical and informative video !!!
      Maybe you should start a channel and try it..

    15. Can you compare the differences between the G20 and the G15??

    16. you talk so much i was out of breath watching you

    17. Just about to order the G20 – waited for the Anser and the 913 to come out and then put all 3 to the test on our GC2 launch monitor (I currently have 909 DComp). I play off 1, but with a relatively low swing speed. G20 with the Tour version of the standard shaft (R flex) beat off all the other more expensive competitors – couldn't keep the others in the air long enough. Added about 10 yards in carry – not alot, but who doesn't want more yards…

    18. Dan T says:

      Just picked up a I15 11* with a Motore F1 stiff shaft. I am a 5.8 hdcap, and strike the ball relatively consistantly with about 101 as average driver swing speed. I was playing an Adams fast 10 8.5*. The results have been amazing. Its been an interesting experiment for me to get to a mid/high kick shaft and higher loft, opposed to low loft low kick. I am much straighter AND longer now. Loft is your friend guys.

    19. i had the i20 until 2 days ago i got the g20… so much better love it!

    20. what putter do you use?

    21. DJP says:

      I hit both the G20 and and i20. I hit the G20 more consistent. My average distance was 290 with the G20 and went over 310 on a few. Its pure butter in my opinion.

    22. berzurk says:

      Can you compare the new Ping Anser and the G20?

    23. berzurk says:

      I had 910D2 w/ motore shaft and was as consistent as the G20 driver. Only difference is the distance because the G20 gives a little draw to my shots. With an average longer than the 910D2

    24. 0707alanliu says:

      burner super fast 2.0 is a piece of shit compared to the VR pro and i20..

    25. Saul Farber says:

      Am trying both of these right now. I find the g20 to be more forgiving but I get more distance out of the i20. Am stuck

    26. Josh Elder says:

      I just got my i20 with the 707D X-flex shaft and I simply could not hit it. I'm flipping between and 8 and 9 handicap at the moment but it just refused to work for me. More or less I sprayed all my shots to the right and launch was very low.I swing at about 110 to 115 mph but still no dice. I hit very few "good" shots but it took so much to hit them. I didn't know what was happening so I'm exchanging it for the G20 with the X-flex shaft. Anyone know why that would happen though?

    27. GREAT work and a GREAT help – just got me a G20 – can't wait now! ;o)

    28. jp22359 says:

      can you please make a video comparing the titleist 910h hybrid against the ping g20 hybrid?

    29. do a what's in your golf bag i want to know what the pros uses today but great video but yeah please

    30. Max Weiss says:

      Where do you get all these clubs

    31. Lee westwood used ping g10

    32. Frank says:

      Love your videos, Posted a comment on your channel but will ask here again im looking for a New driver Sins my old one is "dead" was wondering what driver you would recommend for a golfer that got round 30 in handycap and a 10.5 + club? and you will definit get a Subscrition from me nice videos!!

    33. kyb15TV says:

      Hi. I am going to buy my first wedge. Can you please make a video on wedges? Thanks!

    34. MrBigGuns77 says:

      hi mark, just want to say a big thanks for all these videos i've watched many of them over the last month or so and they are very informative and helpful, keep up the good work 🙂

    35. Great as always Mark. Makes me want to try both out to see for myself. Ps I think a lot of people would love the distance stats when you try the drivers, if it's not too cheeky to ask…go on, you

    36. Mark, can you review the Callaway RZR Black x driver…maybe compare to other non adj drivers

    37. I demoed both of these as well. I saw very similiar results. The G20 on the cover seems to be the club to help a higher handicap, but even the best players can get their best drives with it. The performance is just that good.

    38. Stokes53 says:

      I own a G20. By far my favorite driver ever.

    39. 5150markg says:

      Recently tried i20 – great club but ended up with a 910D3 purely because the head shape was a little smaller

    40. Aaron e says:

      Overall which one do you like better the I20 or G20?

    41. KwithY says:

      G20 4 wood thoughts?

    42. KwithY says:

      i will game my g15 till the head breaks! i dont think it ever will!

    43. Great vid and man do you like the club! Just kept going one more hit!

    44. Are you sure the spin rates on the I20 are not something to do with the shaft rather than the head? Stock shafts are not to be trusted, quality wise, from the research that I have done. The specs of stock shafts do not match up to those of quality shafts, e.g. an X-flex on OEM shaft can be as soft as an R-flex of an non OEM shaft, as I am sure you are aware.

    45. westwood uses the g10

    46. g6923 says:

      i got the g20, and its just not working out at all. I have the stock TFC tipped 1/2" and it spins like crazy and just doesnt do it for me at all. Distance is not very good at all nor is my consistency with the club. I think it might be the shaft but I just dont wanna start experimenting. Its going to the waste side for either the callaway razr hawk or the cleveland classic.

      Would be nice to see a review on the cleveland classic

    47. Desire Moon says:

      Mark, is it the video angle or are you gaining weight?

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