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    17 Replies to “Play a Hole with a Pro Golfer! | Shot Breakdown”

    1. Who honestly gives a shit

    2. I have the same putter

    3. Bronson says:

      Teach me your ways. Just bought a used Rogue and I’m slicing everything.

    4. zBzaaR x says:

      process means absolutely nothing without the execution

    5. Joe Buck says:

      Hit a knuckler so it didn’t go that far 😂 bro that is when you hit the ball the farthest with no spin 🤣

    6. Personally with respect I don't think that on your tee shot you don't turn fully

    7. Greig Cross says:

      joggies and a hoodie🤔🤨👎🏼

    8. Bot Or Die says:

      Definitely not a pro

    9. Way to stop the video before that chip wound up 10 feet. Fuckin snake

    10. DeadpanFish says:

      "It's also very cold in the morning so…" – this fuggin guy

    11. Tim Reinier says:

      Your chip was way further away than the little putt at the end, why you gotta lie to people?

    12. You missed the green on the armature hour side….

    13. Harry Hitt says:

      Great video of real golfing.

    14. Ben says:

      I’ve played with a couple pros in my days. One thing I noticed is they generally don’t miss the center of the club face. I mean I’m a 4 handicap and I hit it solid most times…but I do miss on occasion. These guys stripe the ball pretty much every time. There’s a very distinct sound on contact with the ball. If they’re a touring pro, their short games are also very good. You can tell they putt for money.

    15. Johnny Utah says:

      Easy par…on to the next

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