PLAYERS DISTANCE IRON TEST // Reviewing the top irons in the Players Distance category

We check and evaluation the top Players Distance irons towards one another to see how they evaluate for distance, forgiveness, really feel, and total efficiency.

0:00 // Intro
2:07 // Titleist T200
4:10 // Callaway Apex Professional
5:55 // TaylorMade P770
8:53 // Mizuno Professional 225
13:22 // Srixon ZX5
16:52 // Outcomes & Conclusions

CLUB SPECS – All 6 irons (Loft and Lie):
Titleist: 28.5/62
Callaway: 29/62
TaylorMade: 29/62
Mizuno: 28.5/62
Srixon: 28/62


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Filmed at: Tour Expertise Golf
Customized Golf Membership Becoming Studio – Toronto, Canada


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    27 Replies to “PLAYERS DISTANCE IRON TEST // Reviewing the top irons in the Players Distance category”

    1. For those asking about the specific lie and lofts of each of the 6-irons we used in this test see below.
      NOTE: Not all of these match "stock specs" because we bent them to be close to each other to demonstrate the differences in performance between the models.

      (Loft / Lie)

      Titleist: 28.5/62
      Callaway: 29/62
      TaylorMade: 29/62
      Mizuno: 28.5/62
      Srixon: 28/62


    2. Min Lee says:

      Great content but you guys need to incorporate more graphics. For example, I have no idea which iron was being reviewed unless I saw the 2 second graphic at the beginning of each segment. Also, you didn’t show much in terms of what the actual club heads look like. Just some constructive criticism.

    3. Brett A says:

      This guy is sniping the green

    4. GSM says:

      "Zee"? In Canada with pronounced "Zed".

    5. been loving the content so much, have gone from a complete new to golf bad habit filled mess into a 15 handicap with no coaching or fitting because of financial burdens…. however content that is as well done as this and as informative as this channel allows guys like me to become their own pro shop (or as close as we can get to it for free lol) and allows us to make better educated choices on our swing and our equipment even if we are buying second hand… it is an unbelievably helpful resource for a massive audience of golfers thank you!

    6. Steve Rupert says:

      So to recap, the Mizuno Pro 225 has the best feel, best ball speed, and best forgiveness?! And it's arguably the best looking. Geezus, I'm going to need to try these!
      EDIT: They're also saying it's the best sounding too?!

    7. Why don’t y’all ever use Mizuno or Cleveland drivers in your fittings?

    8. bryan eeles says:

      What head would you recommend for a steep swing. I prefer thinner top line and sole

    9. A Ganaden says:

      What happened to the original guys? This channel is not the same…

    10. Can you please answer a question from a fitting perspective on these results. On the text figures your toe down seems consistent and fairly large at around 4-5 degrees. My query – why would you not make the lofts upright to compensate? Asking for a friend…. 😊😊👍

    11. Sean Haynes says:

      Love this! I can't believe with these style of player distance irons, being so popular mizuno don't offer the 225 in left hand.
      There renowned for that so disappointing 😞

    12. Great video ! Could I ask you why the p770 was chosen over the p790? Would you put the p790 into a different category than players distance irons? Also you've chosen some fantastic irons for this review is there a reason why no PxG model was chosen? Thanks in advance!

    13. M Guison says:

      Honestly not the same without Matt & Ian

    14. Just got fitted for the Mizuno 225. Almost identical to the p790 numbers, but I'm a Mizuno guy. Wow, what an upgrade for me. Tighter dispersion and 20 yards extra from my current set of mp15's.

    15. Mike West says:

      Lets see a Mizuno Pro 223/235 combo set gapping session! Curious to see the default yardage gaps and what may be required to blend the sets!

    16. Boba Defett says:

      That lesbian can hit the shit out of the ball.

    17. Why are you focusing so much on the spin number as the great and only factor for stopping power?
      Isn’t it the overall combined numbers such as landing angle & spin that generates the stopping power?!
      The Srixon ZX5 has shorter run out than the APEC pro, meaning that the carry and total yards number where tighter for the Srixon iron compared to the Apex.

    18. Zach says:

      this channel is so terrible now

    19. Great content guys! I would be interested to see if you took the two preferred irons from this test and adjusted the lie to show people how lie affects strike and overall result. All of these at 62 lie seemed to be toe down. At 60, 64 what would Mike experience?

    20. Glock20 10mm says:

      Now this company has been sold, it lacks everything I liked about it before. Sad.

    21. D Voss says:

      ZX5 is a game improvement iron – does not belong here

    22. Would be nice to list what club you're hitting. Is it a 7 iron 6 iron?

    23. 93civiccpe says:

      Why not the Rogue ST Pro irons? They are so much better than the Apex Pros

    24. Query for the master fitters. What is going to help the launch angle most? The iron head itself or the shaft? I didn’t really see much difference in launch angle and spin with my P770s during a fit when changing between shafts so went for the shaft that on paper is the higher launcher. Should I have tried some other heads?

    25. Who tf is this bloke

    26. Nunyo says:

      Apex pro 21 FTW

    27. Allan T. says:

      I've got a combo zx5/zx7. instead of strengthening the 7's to close the gap I've weakened the zx5's which maintains the gapping and also increased the launch and spin to keep it at a better level.

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