Playing one of the BEST COURSES in North Wales – (will my HCP hold up ..???)

Can we break 85? – EVERY SHOT IN 25 MINUTES

A spherical of Autumn golf at North Wales golf membership in Llandudno, North Wales. It is a par 71 championship hyperlinks course that was based in 1894.

‘Far and Certain’ is the motto of this membership.

The inexperienced charges had been Β£35 for 18 holes in September 2022 (twilight fee).

I am James, a golfer with a dodgy swing now enjoying off a 12.3 handicap. I had taken 4 golf classes to enhance my swing on the day of play.

I am trying to constantly break 85 on the programs I play. Even when I do not shoot rating I at all times get pleasure from strolling round the fairways of North Wales, UK πŸ™‚

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App for scorecard: Golfshot

Todays course:
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Earlier rounds at this course:

15 handicap:
27 handicap: (entrance 9)
27 handicap: (again 9)

This course is presently rated the 4th finest in North Wales by this web site:


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    42 Replies to “Playing one of the BEST COURSES in North Wales – (will my HCP hold up ..???)”

    1. Whenever I film my rounds, there's always someone who asks what I'm doing, and it's always so tempting to tell them I'm taking my tripod for a walk.

      Of course, I tell them I'm filming my round for YouTube, as you did in this video.

    2. 77bovi says:

      Great stuff James. How do u work on your consistency? Do u just keep playing on the course or do u visit a range?
      Love to see links golf as i have never played one

    3. Starting to look far to easy at points πŸ˜‚ shows you’ve come a long way. Onto break 80 surely πŸŽ‰

    4. Matt J says:

      Good stuff James, approach play was excellent

    5. Nice round. Nice to see you swinging thru the ball. You’ve improved a great deal.

    6. Dan Giles says:

      Amazing front 9 well played!

    7. Great round James. Shows the importance of fairways and greens. Front 9 was great to see on how much you've improved. Welll done

    8. The best I’ve seen you play James. Driving on point and what a front 9! Very consistent scoring.Take out the blow up hole and a few aggressive putts you can definitely break 80. What an amazing course and worth the money in my book. What recording set up do you use? Quality of your content is always good, thanks

    9. Mark Peabody says:

      The half swing you use is very effective and many golfers including me should learn from this.

    10. Ian Ward says:

      I couldn't get past that 1st tee shot. You really hit a 7 iron 175 yards with a half swing??

    11. CRA Outdoors says:

      How long you been playing mate out of interest??
      Looks a nice course but steep price at Β£35 pounds. Personally i think unless your are at st Andrews and a few other famous courses I don't see why any round of golf should ever be over Β£30πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ.

    12. Well played James! It was interesting to see how you played that course as I played it back in May and didn't get on with it very well, playing quite inconsistently, blobbing a few holes through bad play and finding the greens quite hard. Looked in good condition other than the long fairways as you said. You have inspired me to go back and play it again to see if I can do better! Not sure I'd pay Β£35 though. How would you compare it to Maesdu next door – which do you prefer and why?

    13. Sparks says:

      Great vid, you should come down to RSD’s in Harlech. A truly fabulous course.

    14. Great round James, impressive front 9! πŸ‘ Always enjoy your video's, you're doing a excellent job…keep up the great golf and video's! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

    15. anders bank says:

      Great. Will see it later this evening.

    16. AVDFI1961 says:

      Great golf on the front nine!

    17. Gareth Noble says:

      well played.
      What I forget sometimes is that you're also continuously distracted by having to set up the filming. Really well done and thanks.

    18. Great round and video . I’ve played North Wales on numerous times . Last time I played it in May I was really disappointed in the condition of he course . It was totally packed out and all the trolleys ect booked out . Think Maesdu has over taken NWGC now in course quality.

    19. Joe Gomez says:

      Great round. You give us all hope

    20. wadefite says:

      Great course. The grass looks so green and course looks in spot on condition,

    21. Paul Maxwell says:

      A game of two halves today James!how often does that happen.Front nine barely put a foot wrong so many birdie chances and then back nine it went a little astray.Still striking the ball really well and on target.Well played again and hope you can keep posting even though winter is on the way.All the best!

    22. David Clarke says:

      A super round notwithstanding the 10th, pleased you made a great par on the 15th after that banter.

    23. Great round James 😎! βœŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    24. Mowser12345 says:

      Super playing James. I suspect that start to the back 9 was a result of your excellent play on the front. We’ve all been there with the adrenaline rush from good play thinking we’re on for a stormer and then the game bites us in the ar*e! Overall great play that said… keep it up πŸ’ͺ

    25. Yo-Yo Zamolo says:

      Your improving so quick. Great stuff πŸ‘

    26. maxflier says:

      You were absolutely LOCKED IN on that front 9!

    27. Mr Kipling says:

      Great effort, bud.

    28. Good round. Just 1 hole away from sub 80! πŸ‘πŸ‘΄πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈβ›³πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ¦…

    29. Jon Carter says:

      Well played.
      Some great approach play, especially on the front 9.
      Beautiful vistas.

    30. Chris Devitt says:

      Excellent round James. You played so well on the front 9. Back nine was good also apart from the tenth hole as you said. but still a round you can be proud of James well done mate.

    31. Bill Haug says:

      Hey you are really getting good!!!! Great job.

    32. Remarkable round mate. πŸ‘ some gorgeous tracks round your way. Have a good weekend. I'm playing medal tomorrow I'm aiming to break 90 for first time 🀨

    33. Ken Irving says:

      Another excellent video, keep β€˜em coming!

    34. I noticed that you have your left hand over the right for your putts. Have you tried that technique for chips?

    35. Peter Murphy says:

      Nice round James, well played πŸ‘πŸ‘

    36. Martyn 1994 says:

      Super Stuff James, Driver working really well and your approach play is getting better.Thanks for Posting

    37. So what are the 1st 2nd and 3rd best golf courses in north wales

    38. TAYLORFAN50 says:

      Are you playing from the "senior" tees? Nice round. πŸ‘

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