P&O Azura Canaries Cruise Review: What did we think?

Join us as we review our recent 7 night cruise around the Canaries.
Discover what we experienced and thought about the Ship, Itinerary and experience; before then rating our experience at the end.

Do, let us know in the comments your thoughts on what we have to say, as well as any experience you have of Azura

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6 Replies to “P&O Azura Canaries Cruise Review: What did we think?”

  1. Mr M L says:

    I loved the Azura when I cruised on her in 2017 ,I’m sure things have changed since then ,as I have found that P&O standards are way below to what they were . Cleanliness was an issue on my recent cruise last week on Britannia ,balcony and cabin wasn’t very clean ,especially the shower tray ,which looked about 50 years old.Pulse on the Arvia maiden voyage were poor . Although the entertainment when I was on Azura was excellent.

  2. This is the best cruise review channel I’ve ever seen. A fantastic review of the Azura. We are doing this cruise in February. Thank you for sharing

  3. Great review! We did the opposite itinerary to you. Totally agree that the fly cruise is brilliantly organised! 😊

  4. Roque D'sa says:

    Thanks for your input my husband and myself will be on board Azura in late November.will remember you when on board.thanks

  5. Sally Olivia says:

    We book inside cabins – really enjoyed Britannia in the Caribbean. Have an inside cabin booked on Arvia for this December in the Caribbean for our honeymoon. Doing a Mediterranean cruise May ‘24 and a Canary’s Christmas/new year cruise in ‘24 both on Azura. Our first time on Azura so fingers crossed we enjoy!🤞🏻

  6. linda milton says:

    We book inside cabins and enjoy them as sleep so well. We’ve also been on Aurora when Neil Turnbull was the captain and can vouch he is great! Currently booked to do this cruise in November and really looking forward to it.

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