Porsche 911T review; THAT Lamborghini Movie; Panamera e-Hybrid; More! – TST Podcast #780

Our impressions of the brand new Porsche 911 T; Matt returns the Indian FTR so we speak bikes; the ultimate Malibu Vehicles & Espresso; the winner of the BMW 135i giveaway will get introduced; Zack spent every week with the Porsche Panamera e-hybrid; Matt’s automobile arrived (perhaps?); Ferrari will get a brand new staff principal; and we reply your questions!  

Recorded November 28, 2022

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0:00 Preview of Lamborghini Film
0:51 Sponsors
8:21 Crew Present Contents
9:27 Sizzling espresso
10:09 Indian FTR 1200
23:23 The Lamborghini Film
34:31 Sponsor AG
37:45 Lambo Film continued
42:48 Invoice’s going out of enterprise perpetually
48:30 Winner of BMW 135i Giveaway!
51:48 911 Carrera T
1:03:38 Platinum Version Panamera Hybrid
1:12:05 Patreon
1:12:24 Chodey shifter
1:13:32 Elon working Ferrari F1
1:14:05 DD vs Weekender price range
1:17:51 Grateful shoutouts to automobile manufacturers
1:19:56 Predicting 2 automobiles worth
1:22:29 Automobile Giveaways
1:23:04 New Prius design
1:24:30 Max N Cheese Recipe
1:26:55 Matt not smoking replace
1:27:53 TTRS every day driver
1:29:20 GT3 modifications by Matt
1:29:40 TTRS vs RS3
1:31:00 Piloti driving sneakers
1:33:30 GT3 or 4.5L swap
1:34:05 Pilates
1:34:17 Visitor and birthday
1:34:50 3 press automobiles subsequent week

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    32 Replies to “Porsche 911T review; THAT Lamborghini Movie; Panamera e-Hybrid; More! – TST Podcast #780”

    1. BENZINA says:

      Saw the Lamborghini movie yesterday and Matt ABSOLUTELY NAILED IT. Fantastically bad movie even if you put aside the huge historical inaccuracies

    2. Sam says:

      I started heel and toeing with the left and right side of my foot once you mentioned it a while ago Matt

    3. kingjaf says:

      When it said Lambo movie, I thought we were finally get Matt and Zack's take on the 1988 "classic", It takes two.

    4. AFH says:

      The Lambo movie was so bad. The Mondial literally had aftermarket Scuderia Ferrari fender shields on it. Trash.

    5. Naked bikes are just daft. You have to have a fly/quarter screen. Unless you're just puttering around at legal speeds.

    6. The Miura was originally conceived by Lamborghini's engineering team….

    7. JR10 says:

      Lamborghini movie now down to 8%….

    8. Bobby Khan says:

      Happy birthday Matt, we have the same birthday hah

    9. I clearly missed the start of the story…why is a landlord forcing a successful business out of business by closing their parking lot?

    10. GTI_Remus says:

      That lamborghini movie is trash , it was rushed there wasnt much aboute the lamborghini- ferrari history and the ending was awful there wasnt much about lamborghini

    11. bmx687 says:

      Matt's lying about the Mac and cheese! He just doesn't want you give is the family recipe!!!!

    12. Who the fuck says we don't know what a salad is ? Fuck your AG1 pish. The only folk who take that shite are they cunts they pay to do the ad read. Lol the fuck is matt drinking that before his " morning coffee " hahaha. You probably never seen a salad Matt hahaha

    13. Just starting this podcast, haven’t seen the Lamborghini movie yet. When you dropped the anecdote about Enzo and his Fiat just before the ads? I said out loud in my living room “Thank you Matt Farah for knowing shit.” I’m a huge fan of The Dollop because of you and have many times over bought The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity as a gift for friends. Smart and Stupid alike. Bravo to you and Zak for not sucking.

    14. jayfxdx says:

      The Indian probably should be slotted in against a triumph Bonnyville, BMW ninety or Ducati Scrambler? Not sure of the price point?

    15. Mark Cowland says:

      Somebody has been listening to smith and sniff for the choad shifter question.

    16. s_y-AE101 says:

      Driving shoes are narrow I think it's because it can get caught under the brake pedal. If you have small feet, you really need to use your heel and toe.

    17. Victor Zerpa says:

      That movie looked like dogshit from the trailer

    18. Jj EPIK says:

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~MATT~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOPTY WHOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. I just want to say that I absolutely love this podcast. I have followed Matt since the beginning and will always be a dedicated viewer/listener, and ever since Zach came on board the content keeps getting better. Love the conversations, interactions and view points. Keep up the awesome work!

    20. Rosolino TV says:

      Wait a minute…the sweepstake wasn't open to New Yorkers? I entered….

    21. 54:25 It's like James May once said of the Boxster Spyder "What Porsche do, is leave a bunch of parts, on a shelf in the factory, deliver you the car without them, and then charge you more for it"

    22. Just wanna say we appreciate the extra effort for going in and putting the time stamps on the videos. Especially makes going back to older videos easier viewing

    23. 992 version of the Carrera T is not the value that the 991 was. Love the Python green color but I agree that a Cayman/Boxster would be a much better car for less money.

    24. Sad to hear about Bills. An icon of California car culture gone.

    25. Rob Rob says:

      Agreed the movie was pretty terrible… And I'm a huge Grillo fan… Which made it even more disappointing

    26. The Lamborghini movie had potential to be great, just look at Rush or Senna

    27. alexadelaide says:

      I can’t fucking believe I have never heard you don’t actually use your heel and toe before. I thought I was just shithouse. Trying to brake with your foot held off the floor is sketchy as fuck

    28. Bitter65 says:

      I live in FL and I bought the mug, was I not part of the drawing? Must have missed that in the fine print somewhere.

    29. Blake A says:

      Crash sucked too lol

    30. Phil Ryan says:

      I'm a "roll my foot over to heel-toe" guy. But, only because the now-last-gen WRX has a weird lump in the floor and my average-size feet can't possibly make it work, unless my toes are tucked behind the instrument panel. Lol. I'd have to brake with the middle of my foot to make it work. Terrible ergonomics in that thing. I could heel-toe in an R53 MCS the conventional way, even in running shoes or work boots.

    31. Leo Qu says:

      I would pay extra Patreon money for a matt cooking show. Period.

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