Priceless Ben Hogan Golf Lesson For A Fantastic Easy Golf Swing!

Check out this priceless legendary Ben Hogan golf lesson from the Ed Sullivan Show!
As Hogan said…”Isn’t that simple anyone can do it!”
Golf instruction does not need to be over complicated and it shouldn’t be!
Classic golf instruction from Ben Hogan!

Can’t guarantee you’ll be swinging like Hogan but this lesson will have you moving and swinging better than ever! Yes it’s easy!

Fantastic sequence and swing progression for all golfers and great for the Over 50 senior golfer too! It’s simple and easy on the body. What we all need!

00:00 Intro
00:25 Ben Hogan
01:40 Learn To Pivot
01:52 Move From The Ground Up Pivot Drills
05:42 Add The Club – The Hogan Swing
09:10 Swing The Club To Strike The Ball
09:23 Conclusion

Play Easier Better Golf Today.

Feel Better, Move Better, Swing Better!

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