PRO -19 QUALIFYING ROUND PLAY-THROUGH: Fall Major | Yongsan Gardens | Golf Clash Tips Guide

Play-through for the Qualifying Spherical of the Fall Major in Professional division – with the match wind instructions. I provides you with my changes and options of tweaks and alternate options the place potential.

00:00 INTRO
01:00 HOLE 1
01:51 HOLE 2
03:46 HOLE 3
05:35 HOLE 4
06:40 HOLE 5
07:45 HOLE 6
10:00 HOLE 7
11:03 HOLE 8
13:00 HOLE 9

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    13 Replies to “PRO -19 QUALIFYING ROUND PLAY-THROUGH: Fall Major | Yongsan Gardens | Golf Clash Tips Guide”

    1. nate says:

      on hole 7, try a smidge more than half a ball to get the hio. missed a few squares to the left with half a ball and a perfect. great shot though

    2. John Brown says:

      Spot on guide, managed -16 overall and HIO on 9th to finish👍😁

    3. Thanks for all your work Ben…..👍🏻🍺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    4. Excellent thank you for your time

    5. Mullinz80 says:

      Got -16 🔥🔥Thx

    6. D D says:

      Clipped the trees on the 2nd shot on 6… 😒

    7. Steve says:

      Got a hole in 1 on 7th thanks to your guide Ben! played with EM7 + Zerk as you suggested. Half ball left curl but hit minor great left but it helped for a change!!!

    8. Thanks Ben, for the first time i ´ve got a -17 !… very, very good playthrough !!

    9. Andy Tighe says:

      Thanks for the playthrough info my friend. Your numbers for Hole 7 Pro were bang on. I dropped the hole in one. Wish I could post it here. Was the shot of the year for me

    10. Hey thanks for the play through and I know this may seem obvious (Par 3s are) to some but it would be great if you had whether it’s a Par 4 or 5! 😎

    11. Chris Kiely says:

      Thanks Ben, 17 under with a 360 round the hole on 2 for alba attempt. Hole 7 I have no zerks so used your set up with Apoc 5 and Titan, then pushed up 8 yards after adjustment to replicate shot and got onto green (practiced first), and 2 holes just catching edge of hole

    12. Thanks Ben! One question though: what do I do when I don't have Berserker balls or any other P5 ball? (e.g. on hole 2)

    13. Jan Holmberg says:

      What do you turn of to get away from the blur when we adjust close range.

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