Pro Golfers Do THIS Simple Chipping Tip

If you want to know how to hit chip shots around the green with an easy technique that makes golf easier, this simple chipping tip makes it much easier to be consistent Chipping tip that is simple and that will help your short game more than you can imagine.

Every golfer I have played or coached with does this chipping mistake when around the greens.


By choosing a less lofted club and not always using a sand wedge or lob wedge, your margin for error is much easier and your will chip the ball closer more often. This is golf basics but overlooked chipping technique and lesson that I give every golfer. be it a senior golf or a golf beginner.

0:00 Chipping tips around the green
1:00 chip technique mistakes
3:00 how to chip from upslope
5:00 choose the right short game club
6:00 how to lower scores in golf

Short game Secrets To Lower Scores? NOPE Just Ignored Common Sense Chipping Tips

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing


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    19 Replies to “Pro Golfers Do THIS Simple Chipping Tip”

    1. Let me know if you struggle with what I describe and if you want to try this below and I appreciate every one of you. Like, share, subscribe! SUBSCRIBE FOR REGULAR GOLF TUTORIALS! –

    2. ERIC S says:

      Every tip you teach resonates with me, & probably 90% of all golfers, so keep rocking these videos out my friend, we're listening.

    3. Get to the point ! Way too much talking 😳

    4. Jim Marland says:

      I agree with your thinking but… Yes, I would normally use the lob or sand wedge since hitting the ball up to the green causes the ball to roll more so if there's not much green to play with the next shot will probably be a long putt.

    5. Alex,

      Your guidance is spot on and I have benefitted from your insights and instruction details. I am also thinking of signing up for one on one instruction to finally get my game into the respectable range. Nelson Paolini Lakeland, Florida

    6. like it………..definitely fall into the auto trap of going for my 60% lob wedge with variable results. The Pitching Wedge or 9 iron will be coming out next time!

    7. Great tip. Thanks. If the converse occurs ie a steep downslope do you do the opposite – take a lob wedge?

    8. Jay Schwarz says:

      I play 3 clubs: sw, pw, 8I. Rarely use 58 degree.

    9. tldr2yLeader says:

      If I have to go over an obstacle I'll use a sand wedge (my highest lofted club). Have certainly started using my 8 and 9 to bump and run and shave some strokes

    10. I usually use a pen sometimes I’ll take a hybrid choke down and hit it like a putt

    11. Jason Miller says:

      Love this. I’m just off the green quite a bit and almost always go for my 58* on shots like this. Loads of times I chunk it, or if it’s fluffy hit under it. I’ve been using my PW more often around the greens with great success. Even with a high slope it still works out well, just have to be careful not to over shoot it, but this makes it much easier with a higher %. Thank you

    12. Pete Conelli says:

      I always use my pitching wedge most of the time

    13. Play the percentages! It's a good point….as usual! Thanks Alex

    14. RedHed97 says:

      I know guys who would use a putter from there….hold my beer…

    15. I usually go for my SW and would prob go LW if I had one lol. But I often find I've got more feel with my SW around the greens. I'm usually pretty bloody deadly with it in fact, that's why I go with it. I usually hit it too bloody hard if I try and go with a bump and run PW or 9 iron, but it's mostly because I don't practice those kind of shots enough but I'm often chippin around in the backyard with the SW. It is a shot I need to practice more though as it's often blowing a bloody gale where I play and it would be good for keeping it under the wind a bit more.

    16. Ken Kohl says:

      Great advice, thanks.

    17. H says:

      Do a simple experiment: 10 balls with your sand wedge from off the green, 10 balls with your gap wedge from the same spot. I don't know about you but I'm much more closer with my gap wedge.

    18. Wow fantastic video for chipping

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