Puma Ignite PWRADAPT & PWRADAPT Hi-Top Golf Shoes

In this weeks episode I review the new Puma Ignite PWRADAPT and PWRADAPT golf shoes.

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    34 Replies to “Puma Ignite PWRADAPT & PWRADAPT Hi-Top Golf Shoes”

    1. Adam Barna says:

      Honestly best golf shoes ive ever had

    2. Tiger Zhou says:

      How's the fitting of the shoes? Are they true to size?

    3. That b-roll edit…. thumbs UP!

    4. Rudy Sanchez says:

      Would you still get blisters with longer socks ? just a question 🤷🏽‍♂️

    5. metamurph says:

      I think these call for a rap

    6. Thank you for the review that helped out a ton I appreciate it.

    7. jpugolf says:

      Im a big poo-ma shoe fan. Loved the ignite tour. love the looks of this pwradapt shoe…Not the silly hightop…its just…well…silly!

    8. Couldn't agree more with you about the color scheme of the hi top vs the standard shoe. I want the black hi top color scheme WITHOUT it being a hi top! How hard is that?

    9. I LOVE the look of the Hi-Top but not sure I could wear it with shorts. If the white one had the same design as the black in the low-top, I’d be in

    10. J-W Beekmans says:

      The spike base is allready ripped from the soul or base of the shoe…… take a look from 2:24 !! Faulty shoes!!

    11. Jon Doe says:

      I have never worn GOLF shoes when I golf. I wear TENNIS shoes.But I do not even play tennis.So why do I wear tennis shoes? I need some everyday life one shoe does all type of a shoe.Oh yea. A tennis shoe.

    12. geddstock says:

      Tried Skechers the other day………………omg so comfy

    13. Mark Brower says:

      I had the same blister problem with the original hi tops they made. I love the look and all my other puma shoes but they need to add padding to the heel of the shoes

    14. When you took the sock in to the black sko (hade to use the Swedish word here, don't remember the English word for sko and my autocorrekt isn't helping me out) it transformed from fugly into the best looking sko ever!
      Also, when breaking in new skor or in this case, the heal padding is lacking, woman's period pads make an excellent addition. Just cut them into size and attach them in to place.
      Keep up the good work Randz! (I'm gonna start calling you that now. I've the kids change their names in this fashion, and I'm going through an aging crisis)

    15. Great review man. I have been looking for a great walking golf shoe and finally settled on the FJ Freestyle. Loving them so far but might have to give these (low tops) a look.

    16. I wear a 10.5 people might want to get a fair review from someone of average height

    17. Scott Mensi says:

      Puma's shoes are made for munchkin feet. I have never worn a wide golf shoe but after playing the Puma ignite spikeless the last two years Puma will likely be a pass going forward.

    18. Niall Graham says:

      I usually try and have a joke around with you Randy but man this was honestly one of the best reviews I've seen!
      Keep up the good work!!

      Ps can you please review your wife's cake spinner lazy susan thing next 😉 lol

    19. Gavin says:

      The high-tops are awful!

    20. I would definitely with the white shoe with the hi-top colors.
      Also, I hear ya on the "Goose Poop" lol

    21. Hard boil some push carts please !

    22. Mike Morris says:

      Should have wore a hi-top on one foot and the low on the other for maximum review-ability

    23. Mike B says:

      It looks like the "power adapt traction system" is already cracking @2:23 . Do you think this is going to be an issue with these shoes? Great video btw.

    24. Tranlavery says:

      Good job Randy !!🏌

    25. We mostly walk in the UK, so surely (don't call me Shirley) any shoe that gives you blisters after 9 holes should be returned to the manufacturer along with a sample of dog feaces for comparison purposes.
      Also Randy, let's all agree to ignore the marketing department's overuse of the word "technology"; the Hadron Collider is technology, spikes shoved into a rubber hole is a feature at best.

    26. gary smith6 says:

      Yup I'm getting old

    27. Bolton121 says:

      Great review Randy, genuinely hope Puma see this, make Randy’s dream shoe happen! Make sure you trademark that sh*t

    28. Khu NoPie says:

      The hi-tops are basically foot condoms to offer protection from mother nature and the wrath of God. I hope the Puma engineers watch this video to sort out the issues.
      Shoe 7.0 eggs /10
      Review 10.5 eggs /10 (.5 bonus for pain endurance)

    29. Both of those look pretty deadly!! Puma is upping the shoe game, I like the pliability of a shoe but I also want it to hug my foot. But you won't catch me in those hightops lol I like the adjustability strap concept but, I still wouldn't wear high tops.. Great Real world review Randy!!

    30. Quote of the week… "It felt like sliding your feet into your grandma's hug…"

    31. Haha great review, personally I think golf hightop shoes are really ugly, but glad you did the review anyways because I would think about buying the first shoe, looks nice

    32. Tyler Egan says:

      white soles…worse shoe ever made lol

    33. You nailed it 1000000% with the white bottom sole color. I'm using the Adidas Boost BOA (I think it's either the 1st or 2nd gen not sure, anyways…) they are black with white stripes and white Boost. If the the Boost was black like sole they'd still look brand new after 2 weeks, instead the Boost starts getting discolored, and that's with even doing exactly what you mentioned you hate doing, cleaning them and using a toothbrush to try and keep $150 or more pair of shoes looking decent. Good golf shoes are not cheap so yeah….I'm going to try and keep them looking nice but it's a total pain in the a$$.

      Anyways, totally agree and love the channel.

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