Pure Your Irons With These 3 Ball Striking Secrets – Every Move EXPLAINED!

In this video we give you 3 of our best tips to hit the ball followed by the turf and pure your irons on a more consistent basis!

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    32 Replies to “Pure Your Irons With These 3 Ball Striking Secrets – Every Move EXPLAINED!”

    1. Meandmygolf says:

      If you have a question about your game and want us to do a video about it. Let us know below and we will select one. 👍🏻

    2. I would love some help / advice. I’m a relatively new golfer (about 10 months), and i have the basic mechanics down pretty well. My HUGELY ANNOYING issue is, i can’t make clean contact with the ball, when the ball is there.. let me explain… i can make absolutely beautiful practice swings, every time. Even take divots. But when i put ball down, i cannot make clean contact. I can’t hit my 7 farther than 140 yards, and can’t break 100mph ball speed. So i know how to swing, and every once and a while i make DECENT contact and it goes 140 because of the club face angle at impact, but i can’t get past this plateau. I need some secret drills to do or something. Any help is appreciated

    3. Thomzwyd says:

      As I junior golfer I'm getting way better with video like this

    4. Excellent explanation!

    5. Ashan Lingam says:

      Top notch quality video lads! Thank you great content

    6. Jon Foster says:

      How long are you guys going to be working from the Grand?

    7. Luca Garcez says:

      Hey guys, thanks so much for all the amazing content. I struggle with hitting my irons thin which results in a low ball flight majority of the time. Some guidance would be greatly appreciated!

    8. This is a really great video! As someone being fairly new to golf, concentrating on these 3 things has helped me a lot so far.

    9. jky21 says:

      you guys in SD now! that's awesome hope to run into you guys!

    10. Matt C says:

      My man Piers got to California and got hooked up with a badass barber! Beard is looking clean chap!

    11. Jim Saddler says:

      Great video guys! Thanks for the tip! Struggling with my irons a bit recently and realize now I was breaking my wrist too early in the backswing! Glad to have you now in The States! Enjoy the weather!

    12. Another great video. How do I get that striker towel?

    13. Jeff C says:

      Great tips as usual! Thanks.

    14. I’ve been trying to get more of an upward attack angle when hitting driver, but doing so I find myself putting more pressure on my back foot, causing me to hit the ground before hitting the ball. Any tips or drills to remedy this?

    15. Sk_13 says:

      Guys PLEASE HELP… I'm a 10 handicap and have been playing since I was 5 years old. I've become so inconsistent with my irons with a steep down swing, that I'm about to just put the bag in the closet for good. So frustrated.

    16. I struggle with the change from wide takeaway to narrow downswing, moving inside to outside to the golf ball, as shown in your video. As many drills to help with this would be appreciated – separate video for this? Thanks chaps as always 👍

    17. D Bo says:

      “Close the gap” is what I’ve just started working on the last couple weeks and the results in my ball striking have been crazy. It’s also stopped me pulling shots and got me hitting along my alignment which is something I’ve struggled with for a long time. I’ve been focusing on re-centering (closing the gap) BEFORE I finish my backswing. Just before I reach the top I start getting weight forward then start my downswing. I do recommend trying it

    18. I also use yr other older tip, Wide Knees….keeps me balanced

    19. rash Abba says:

      Great tips guys, as usual. Thanks

    20. Just starting to really master all of these, and I’m shooting my lowest scores ever. You’re 100% correct in that they’re the most difficult things for amateurs to do. If you were to expand on any of them, I would further discuss twisting the hips and then torso in the backswing, not swaying. And also the wrist set & release. A lot of amateurs don’t set their wrists, or understand that the back of their top hand is equivalent to their club face, leading to open faces and big fades.

      Great stuff guys. You always do a great job.

    21. Please address this one = Over angle between arms vs club shaft …. and NO angle between the two …. + WHERE is the middle/right setup there?? …. perhaps 8 iron vs Driver….

    22. AM2PM says:

      Who wants to see Andy and Piers vs Good Good, Danny, and Rick? A YT Golf showdown!

    23. DaveSender66 says:

      Enjoy San Diego some great golf courses and incredible food!!!

    24. Blake Flatt says:

      I'm an "ok" golfer from the tee to 100yds. 99yds and less…i struggle. I shoot high 80's normally. But i'd LOVE to get my handicap to single digits. Improving my short game is the key. Thanks for any help. 👍

    25. i have trouble getting the face square on impact with driver and woods.

    26. ionakiddo says:

      How to stop hooking my hybrids……..

    27. Like to see how to get out them California bunkers

    28. To quote that great folk group Mama's & Papa's – MAMG is "California Dreaming".

    29. Kevin S says:

      would love a towel like that!

    30. Great video, think we are all looking at improving the strike of our irons as it is critical in controlling the distance. Congratulation on the new location

    31. Great video, lots of really good tips, but I could not help not hear anything apart from the drilling or digging sound, it was so annoying..!

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