PurePoint Golf Video Lessons – A Simple Tip on How to Fix Your Slice

16 Replies to “PurePoint Golf Video Lessons – A Simple Tip on How to Fix Your Slice”

  1. Beta Macks says:

    @golfroomtv tupac is a shitty golfer, even now that he is retired.

  2. @golfroomtv thanks that you want to help me but i fixed it by my self i figured out what was wrong with my swing and now i boom it straight down the fairway thanks anyways

  3. golfroomtv says:

    @xXxTupac4everxXx everything is in relation to your swing path, send me a video and i'll tell you if you are coming over the top… what you seem to be suggesting is a quick fix rather than a cure. i come over the top 20% of the time which is pretty good considering it used to be 100%. I've gone from a 32 handicap to an 8 in 3 years as a result.

  4. ok i got a question i slice my driver shots like hell am i suposed to open or close the club face to fix it a little??

  5. DonWon416 says:

    I shoot mid/low 80s but still have a ridiculous slice. Thank god for my irons. But i really hope this tip works out today

  6. Brent Graham says:

    I played golf for the first time 3 days ago and was slicing everything and ended up getting a 58. I watched this vid and went out again and shot a 48. Great tip. thanks

  7. Randombeer says:

    same. I shot an 86 with a wicked slice, i wonder what fixing it would do when im not hitting out of trees on every hole

  8. Im gonna have to try this. My slice kills my game. As it is i shot high 80s but there is a good 6 to 8 strokes i could take off if i didnt keep slicing into woods and out of bounds

  9. stoney67RAD says:

    Great Tip… I wanna Buy you a Beer Bobby!! fixed my slice, little uncomfortable at first but keep practicing and it will start soaring down the center of the fairway

  10. fade2black51 says:

    im going to for sure try this out

  11. Rich Eklund says:

    im going to try today at my match~

  12. ur tips are very goood. its nice learning from a guy thts soo happy

  13. The Emptyjar says:

    Wow, fixed my slice so far. Amazing tip, thanks so much!

    5 stars.

  14. The Helicopter golf training aid works very good

  15. Bill Dorris says:

    OMG….I used this tip today and I played what was gonna be the best round of golf in my life….until the rain came and I only got 13 holes played. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS! It's been the single greatest tip I've ever used and been effecrive.

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