PXG Driver Fitting Experience // 0311 GEN6

Behind the scenes look at my PXG Driver Fitting. This is going to give you an idea of what to expect when you go for a driver fitting and PXG offers one of the best fitting experiences out there. I’ve been struggling with my driver so when PXG invited me to a fitting for their new 2023 Gen 6 0311 Driver, I was super excited to see what they could do for me with their new Gen 6 driver. Find out what i got fit for.

All that, and more………


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21 Replies to “PXG Driver Fitting Experience // 0311 GEN6”

  1. I would be curious what sort of difference the Ventus Black would make in your gamer driver. Might be all you need.

  2. Craig Suchan says:

    So in your honest opinion would you actually play this driver. Is it better that any of the others in your bracket challenge. I bought the Cobra Aerojet off your review and I am pretty happy with that purchase. I have owned every PXG driver they have released except the Gen 6. I’m not sure any of their products are worth the money compared to other brands. And again I have owned almost every set of irons they have released. Recently went to the Srixon ZX7s and they are so good and way cheaper than PXG.

  3. Steve Nagy says:

    Dispersion is great in Gen6! Playing golf from fairways is a lot easier golf.

  4. Yanner Golf says:

    honest review, where would you stack that one in the bracket??

  5. Wes Sims says:

    The end fitting result was very good. But seriously I would take any of the results with your original driver you had with your so-called mishits and I would rather the pain of hitting just an iron into a par five! The PXG is OK, but I’ve watched a lot of your videos and seen you hit the ball straight and 350+ yards with whatever other clubs you were using at the time. So this PXG driver is not a barnburner by any means, and I understand distance isn’t the total importance however this driver just seem to lack a bit no matter what you put into it. I think there’s other drivers out there just as forgiving that I have seen you hit in the driver bracket and personally I think the TSR3 with maybe a shaft change over what you have been using might give you the optimal results. But there are lots of choices but I don’t think this is your best option. not that the results in the end were not excellent, but it just seems a bit lacking.

  6. Jeff Gerhart says:

    Three attempts to get the set of clubs I ordered delivered correctly, pulled them out of the box it wasn't even the model I had ordered, second attempt, was the club I ordered but not the specs I had ordered,, third time was the charm
    I ordered a driver and a hybrid next both of those orders took two turns back to the factory to get corrected.
    3rd attempt I ordered set of irons once again I pulled them out of the box and you guessed it wrong again.
    Was offered a shirt or a hat for my trouble or a full credit, I wisely opted for the full credit. Little did I know it was going to take five weeks and three different credits to get it taken care of properly……… Buyer beware !!!!

  7. Dave Zaino says:

    What what?! It's too dark to get ball strike pattern on the face? You want this guy to spend 1000 Canadian where you're guessing on club face contact? F that. Pack up your shit and run to see Ian and the boys at TXG and get on the GC Quad. Sorry, trackman is crap for indoor fittings. Get a fitting that's worth the money spent. Spin rate is way too high for someone with his speed. Never saw his AOA or other data though. Leaving a ton of yardage on the tee box with 3k spin rate. Awesome swing, lousy fitting. One man's opinion

  8. Jp Jp says:

    Buy it. The upcharge shafts like ventus and graphite design are worth it. They are so much more consistent

  9. Brilliant fitting! Great questions asked and both of you had great attitudes and communicated very professionally. The technical aspects were explained clearly and in simple terms which was much appreciated because sometimes Ian from TXG goes on crazy super technical tangents which even PGA Tour Pros don't understand according to Trottie from Taylormade who fits all the Taylormade Tour Staff. The fitting and conversation and ball striking was so good that I didn't want the video to end. I subscribe to over 50 YouTube golf channels and only came across your channel about 4 months ago and now you are in my top 3 favorite channels and moving towards Numero Uno. Cheers mate!

  10. Great video, I just recently went in for a full bag fitting to see what it was all about. I ended up walking out getting a new 5w, and a set of the gen 6 0311 p irons. My current driver which I was fit for is a TSR2 with autoflex and we were able to match it with the Gen 6 p head, but I can't remember the shaft. I was pleasantly surprised by their full gamut of offerings. The wedges were sweet, but I'm rocking miura wedges that aren't coming out of the bag.

  11. I say put a Ventus Black in your TSR3 and call it a day….

  12. Discr says:

    Great questions, Brandon. A suggestion: Tip the HZRDUS one inch and save $375. Also, add a little weight to the head so the swing weight with the HZRDUS goes up, and the extra mass increases ball speed a bit. The dispersion with the HZRDUS wasn't bad, and the other characteristics looked pretty good. It seemed it just felt light to you and the spin was too high. I love golf, but as a mid-handicapper there is NO WAY I'm paying an extra $375 for an upgraded shaft. I just can't justify that based on my skill and budget. Right now I'm gaming a Cobra Radspeed XB with the stock HZRDUS RDX blue shaft, and it performs just fine for me (at 55 my swing speed is 105 mph). Finally, to me this driver didn't seem to be performing significantly better than your current gamer, unless I missed something. Especially at $1,000.

  13. Garbage!! In just the past two weeks, I’ve seen a driver break/snap after it’s 2nd round about half way down the shaft. Different round with a different group and watched 3 iron shafts snap …..GARBAGE!

  14. rondin_14 says:

    Excelent video! Very clear

  15. Ariesnc says:

    I remember in the driver bracket you did the Mizuno STZ and Srixon MKII ZX5 LS model you hit good. Have you thought about trying one of those to see how dispersion would be ?

  16. Steve says:

    I always say loft and face angle dictate spin but the biggest key is strike … strike is king

  17. Mike C. says:

    Great fitting vid. From wipey fades (that carry 310 mind you) that miss your line way right to rope missiles drawing just left of the line at bomber distances. Get fit people. Trust the process, go in with an open mind and your results could really wow you. I just can't get people that walk into a bog box, hit a few in the bay, walk to the till, pull out the credit card for $700 and walk out crossing their fingers that it'll work on the 1rst tee. Waste of cash right there. Nice to see some good 'Berta content. IYKYK.

  18. Tried the Gen5 last year when they had the pricing deal going on and didn’t love it. Ended up returning it because it didn’t add anything my current driver couldn’t do. There’s just something still missing IMO.

  19. DRE says:

    Still can't beat the Cobra AeroJet, and you can leave "Parsons" EGO in the closet!

  20. Mark White says:

    Have you tested the GEN 5?

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