Quail Ridge Golf Tip – Cart Path Relief

Pam Brosnihan, Head Golf Skilled at Quail Ridge Nation Membership in Boynton Seaside, explains the right way to take aid ought to your golf ball come to a relaxation on a cart path. http://www.quailridgecc.com


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    4 Replies to “Quail Ridge Golf Tip – Cart Path Relief”

    1. David D says:

      You could make the shot with a 7 iron which will make the nearest spot a little more out of the bushes. Nothing says you have to use your longest fairway wood does it?

    2. winston yong says:

      In this situation, can I take a drop between the nearest point of relief and the cart path and the play the ball standing on cart path?

    3. jmac05r1 says:

      What if you were facing the opposite direction? Your body would be in the hedges although is that were you would still take the relief from?

    4. breeze787 says:

      Thanks for the help but your explanation is vague. I would prefer that you show the exact steps for taking relief and the decisions for taking relief in an actual situation.

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