Quickest Way to Improve Your Golf Score in 1 week!


That is the Quickest Way to Improve Your Golf Score in 1 week! I’m at present a university golfer who likes making movies for all 156 subscribers! Remark under on what you need to see subsequent!
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    8 Replies to “Quickest Way to Improve Your Golf Score in 1 week!”

    1. Joshua King says:

      The only time I've seen a course this colour was in dubai and it was a sand course 🤣

    2. Sucker4Golf says:

      Great video! I’m guessing you watch a lot of Luke kwon because he did the same video😂

    3. Great video! I'd be interested in knowing what you shoot on average daily. Are you a scratch golfer?

    4. Avery Falash says:

      Personally the eraser works for me

    5. ampeavy1 says:

      Great video. I'm going out tomorrow and begin to practice this. Watch my scores drop. Cmon baby

    6. Tucker Jolly says:

      i watched this video and shot a 61! i haven’t played the back nine yet

    7. Caleb Peavy says:

      Let's go baby 💪🏼

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