Range Finder vs GPS Golf Trolley – Whats Better and WHY??

A GPS golf trolley or a range finder, what should you buy?

In this video we take a look at the new Motocaddy M5 GPS trolley and compare it to a Bushnell laser ranger finder to see what you should buy and what you should be using.

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    6 Replies to “Range Finder vs GPS Golf Trolley – Whats Better and WHY??”

    1. What trolley model was that

    2. Tiger Army says:

      Heard rumors that a major trolley manufacturer is working on a AI-driven system with lidar sensors and a submeter GPS receiver. Autonomous driving and follow me functionality is achieved by connecting the system to the motor controls. In a ‘programming round' you can define parking postitions at each green and tee box and route safe paths around bunkers and hazards on the display. When playing an 'advance function’ drives the trolley to the next parking postition, so e.g. when hitting the green from 160 yards you could take out the putter and press advance and the trolley moves to the position beside or behind the green. From there to the next tee and so on. With the additional remote control one could still pause the autonomous driving when e.g. a playing partner hits his ball. Then just press continue and the trolley advances on its own. Of course one can always steer by hand in uncertain terrain. This is probably the future of electric trolleys.

    3. The green could be large an your saying pins at the back but you could be way out on your yards, range finder for me all day long

    4. yer but you cant take trolley off piste , into the bushes and swamp… still need a range finder

    5. cftkid says:

      just find this very bias and sounds like a motocaddy promo, your picking the most expensive range finder when you can get motocaddy own rangefinder for £249 thats a £500 saving on the trolley, you can't beat a range finder for accuracy the gps is subject to many variables, i have a motocaddy and when i need to get a new one i will buy another one, i think it all depends on what you want from your golf, if you want a good idea of distance etc go gps if you an exact distance for with range finder, for me i'd do a combination of golf

    6. A good video. A question Were either of the products supplied by the companies? I ask as I have seen the unpacking etc. videos of the Motocaddy. Not a criticism, just for clarity (By the way, I just purchased the motocaddy model yesterday and charging the battery now)

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