Ranking the most interesting Denver Nuggets heading into the 2023 NBA Season | DNVR Nuggets Podcast

Who are the most interesting Denver Nuggets heading into the next NBA season? What are the top storylines? Is PWAT the story of the season? Will Jamal finally make an All-Star team? What type of breakout could we see from MPJ? Adam Mares and Harrison Wind come to you LIVE from DNVR HQ to break down everything you need to know in this edition of the DNVR Nuggets Podcast!

Start – 0:00
Braxton Key the new Nugget! – 3:00
Tonight’s game – 7:20
Michael Malone is in the Laker’s heads – 11:30
The least interesting Nugget? – 17:00
14th most interesting – 19:30
13th most interesting – 21:50
12th most interesting – 24:00
11th most interesting – 25:30
10th most interesting – 29:30
9th most interesting – 33:00
8th most interesting – 35:40
7th most interesting – 36:40
6th most interesting – 38:00
5th most interesting – 41:20
4th most interesting – 44:40
3rd most interesting – 47:10
2nd most interesting – 48:50
The #1 most interesting guy – 50:50

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22 Replies to “Ranking the most interesting Denver Nuggets heading into the 2023 NBA Season | DNVR Nuggets Podcast”

  1. King Wong says:

    I actually believe Pickett and Tyson will be around 7 – 9 spots. Especially Pickett. And I rate AG higher next season, around 3 – 5. You guys are really underestimating AG.

  2. vlada says:

    27:57 Harrison Wind spreading the truth about pickleball: the lawn bowling of racquet sports.

  3. Lebron is just THE attention whore of the NBA. I mean seriously Malone made a tame joke about you falsely announcing your retirement and this is your response?? "In Europe for the last past few weeks minding my business and I hear I’m on your mind that much huh??? I mean I guess I see why. 🤷🏾‍♂ But Wave the flag on these lames!! Enjoy your light but just know I’m the SUN. I stay on forever!" – Lebron. "I'm the SUN??" I am the center of the NBA Universe. This is a man who has to control every single aspect of everything that is said about him. Ever. The thing that is "on forever" is his ego.

  4. No keep overtime how it is!

  5. Harpo's Harp says:

    What am I missing? It seems MPJ gets a pass in many respects. He’s almost the second highest paid player on the team, at a max contract, yet it seems it’s ok that he “just needs to contribute” & be a role player.

    If he wasn’t max contract & given his injury history, I’d be cool with the role player label he gets. But I don’t understand why more accountability isn’t made towards him?

    Add to this, how does his exorbitant salary justify staying on the team when I thought the new CBA doesn’t allow for 3 max contract players? Every team will only get two, and Denver’s is clearly Joker & Mal. How does the team keep MPJ in the future?

    So many questions, and I never see any of you guys address it.

  6. GGX Gang HQ says:

    I have a total opposite view of MPJ from you guys. I think he is definitely going to be better next season

  7. J H says:

    Online Laker fans can be horrible. I was recently in LA for a few days, and everyone who talked to me about the Nuggets seemed pretty cool. They were like "you got one, isn't that great!" If anything a little smug about their legacy maybe but the IRL Laker fans represented as pretty reasonable.

    Suns fans IRL are even worse than online somehow lol

  8. UraStr says:

    you know what, even though I'm ball movement purist, I'm looking for this season from Jamal, gonna be lot of fun…my prediction by the end media will be saying: "…and that's why Jamal isn't a great player…", only for the playoff to start, Jamal striking perfect balance with Peanut-butter once again, inconsistencies taped over by Jokic's greatness, in the end Nuggets winning, Jamal averaging crazy numbers again and media once again scratching their heads to understand basketball…hot take artist putting Jamal top-10 and for the cycle to repeat 😀 😀

    (BTW my take on all of this is that, you just can't compare no1 + no2 options in skills, very few players made that step up from more of a role player to consistent superstardom, so until someone does it, it safe to assume they can't do it)

  9. Adam s gnna be so surprised when he realizes justin is top 7-8 player as soon as season starts

  10. I can’t wait to hear their take on the 31 points 😂😂

  11. White Tyson got 31 tonight, let's go whitey.

  12. Adam says "8 of 9" and laughs at the absurdity. Hours later, Tyson goes 7 of 9 from 3 and scores 31. Hunter is SO ready for this.

  13. Dogwogle says:

    a little bit disappointed in your view for MPJ guys.. I am from Serbia.. Just wont to say that Nikola Jokic need to have one easy regular season like 18 – 20 point, 10reb, 8 assist for example (save as much energy for the playoffs that way).. I see Murray spends more his body with scoring then MPJ soo Murray need to distribute more and save his scoring for the playoffs.. 20 point, 10 assist which will be enough to be an ALL STAR i think.. If Denver wants to be a dynasty NUMBER ONE thing is making MPJ an offensive juggernaut (giving space to grow) so i think he should have a little bit more freedom and give him 18-20 shoot's per game whole regular season (make some action's around him ).. IF it doesn't work then you return in the playoffs on old settings with Jokic – Murray game, but if MPJ project woks the whole NBA league and Media will be in GREAT TROUBLE..( i think that the boy deserved the chance)
    Thank you guys for the show in general, lot of my friends are following you from Belgrade/Serbia..
    Have a good summer!!! 😎😎😎

  14. Adam loves the word “interesting.” Gotta mix it up a little. Love you guys thx for the great content.

  15. Henny says:

    Hunter Tyson looking like a steeeeaaal, Denver good at drafting these gritty white boys lol

  16. Fred Bell says:

    As soon as I saw it was just Adam and wind I knew it was going to be a good show. 😊

  17. Feels like we’re assuming Christian Braun is definitely gonna take some massive leap.

    He’s still a huge question mark. Even his best version isn’t going to be Bruce Brown 🤷‍♂️

  18. Michael Porter is going to be interesting in the way of how can he get better offensively to relieve pressure of off Murray and Jokic on ball. I’m sure his handle will be better this season but probably around the same shot attempts. Same with Christian. Those two will need reps in order to help the nuggets solve more problems during playoff time.

  19. TeXaSKiD4 says:

    Strawther least likely to play? Wow

  20. On the Lakers… their fans talked so much shit during the playoffs, then when they got swept they started coping with “oh yeah well our franchise has 17 championships to your 1” lol

  21. Kj Dyer says:

    Guys there is always a new shit take about a player y’all just need to accept it

  22. Paul Fritsch says:

    Pickett will not play much. Second unit.. Reggie, Christian, pw, vlatco and zeke…maybe dj in the right matchup.

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