Renegar Golf Wedges – 5 Yard Heavy Rough Chip to Short Pin Placement

Presented by Renegar Golf: a short video of a five-yard heavy rough chip to short pin placement using high performance wedges with new technology for your modern short game.

Shane Gillespie, PGA member and Assistant Head Instructor at a prominent Ponte Vedra, Florida golf course hits demonstration shots with the Renegar Golf Rx12 wedges from a variety of challenging on-course short game situations illustrating the shot-making versatility of the these clubs.

Looking on and commenting are golf TV personality Kraig Kann and Renegar Golf designer Bob Renegar — discussing the difficulty associated with each of these different short game situations and explaining how the player will benefit from having the patented design advantages of the new high technology of the Rx12 wedges.

What is important in this particular shot in thick rough. Bob points out that the main design element of the Renegar Golf Wedge in this particular shot is the Aldila shaft design. The golf club head is presented correctly, as a matter being able to load and release correctly. The Systems Engineered Design Optimization comes to fruition in this wedge, and is demonstrated beautifully in this particular shot.

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