RICK IS ABSOLUTELY BROKEN! MultiVersus Gameplay Trailer & Breakdown

I can confidently say indisputably that Rick goes to be an absolute beast on this recreation. And he additionally shall be breaking the sport lmao. The mechanics behind his strikes are so wild to me, he has limitless potential as a result of portals and the setups. They tried to steadiness him with greater cooldowns on them however tbh I do not assume they are going to be an issue if groups coordinate cooldown perks! Rick seems to be completely damaged in MultiVersus!

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Outro Music: “Smash Em, Rip Em”

Video Music: “DBFZ Videl”

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    45 Replies to “RICK IS ABSOLUTELY BROKEN! MultiVersus Gameplay Trailer & Breakdown”

    1. What’s the original video because there’s a part I can’t hear in this

    2. Ngl I went on a 10 game win streak with Rick not just by spamming by doing his Cambos it's pretty easy if you think about what your doing in the match like oh your gonna do a short Cambo or long cambos pause but it takes time to really do cambos untill people want him nerf like people put hours into a character that just came out and wants it nerf like it doesn't make sense on why people can't have fun playing a character

    3. People would always cry oh he's broken you need to nerf him like bro the character just came out and y'all crying about it.. why would they nerf him just because he's a good character to use already it's almost like gizmo he's a hard strong character that takes time to kill and y'all saying nerf like y'all only saying that because you never played the character before stop complaining about a character that needs to be nerf and never been played before..

    4. I haven't beaten a Rick yet 😡 nerf this man

    5. They need to tighten his down attack hit box. Thing is bananas, as almost no move can counter it besides dodging.

    6. got to rank 900 very quickly he is alot of fun

    7. A mage like bugs and T ans J I’m down

    8. Kilz says:

      well i enjoyed rick while he was still fun. guess i'll toss him aside when these youtubers wrongfully get him nerfed too smh

    9. Kyle Howard says:

      Rick isn’t broken he’s not even that good in 2v2’s he’s better for 1v1’s there’s much better characters than Rick so he’s not broken.

    10. I hope In the near future we will get colors like in brawlhalla

    11. Who else thought it was awkward when the guy playing Rick couldn't do the combos 💀

    12. yes says:

      The characters aren't broken some abilities can be spammed and thats why most people say the new characters are broken i haven't won against a single rick because they just spammed his up special ability

    13. Soberker says:

      I had easier time fighting level 30+ harleys than Rick players with levels from 5 to 11 – that's how broken he is

    14. Donald Reid says:

      He’s not broken he is hard to use but with great payoff if you figure it out

    15. Guido Blok says:

      yeah he has a lot of good matchups it seems, hes really annoying to play against tho

    16. I want a pickle rick skin at some point that would be just great

    17. Sir Caco says:

      I remember there were a lot of people saying they weren't excited for Rick after seeing the leaks, and I can see how many people have changed their minds now that they've seen the reveal. That almost makes me want to avoid the leaks now, because clearly they can give you the wrong idea of how the final thing is gonna be like.

    18. Etechtroniks says:

      Calling it now. His up neutral will lose silenced after ppl cry enough.
      Also his up special spike will be nerfed since this down neutral does the same. Plus the polymorphed which is sooo dope😭😭

    19. The fact every character is “broken” at first is a good thing. Everyone gets to enjoy playing the character than the multiversus team can change things slowly so we adjust and still enjoy.

    20. Carti Boi says:

      Morty was actually weak when he came out. And gizmo wasn’t broken in my opinion.

    21. ricks the only character wid no passive no knockback projectile

    22. Summer Camp says:

      I hate this videos. Imagine looking for just a basic moveset preview and you turned it into a 20 min video.

    23. Og Magi says:

      He is literally couple hours out…the title of this video is low tier

    24. Thumb says:

      The desperation is palpable
      “I can’t hit combos today”

    25. Wargun says:

      do they realize that 99% of brawlhalla players play for the RANKED?? like cmon now they aren’t even trying anymore :/

    26. "He turned reindog into reindog,funniest shit ever"

    27. Miguelito says:

      the word broken is overused in games bruh.
      we could get the animaniacs and youtubers will go overboard and start saying "This character NEEDS to be NERFED NOW" "The Animaniacs are INSANELY BROKEN"
      its stupid🤦‍♂️

    28. Jaxo846 says:

      Gizmo’a music effect will kill Rick

    29. seven says:

      the dude telling us about rick sound like nakat

    30. Freeze says:

      I hate him so much

    31. Chubby Might says:


    32. Love Rick, he feels easier to play than morty which I didn’t expect because it took me a while to really get morty but he was great once I did where Rick just felt strong out the gate.

    33. Dude rick is hella broken even worse than Fin. His fucking raidus for every movement is too dam big that its hard to fucking get away

    34. A.L. Gator says:

      This character is fucking cap, everyone so far just runs away and does bait in so they build damage knowing that the blaster does damage. People need to kill themselves if that trash

    35. TylazerMK says:

      Multiversus Youtuber not calling a new character broken challenge difficulty impossible.

    36. Gapi P says:

      Way different from the leaks which is great news and means they delayed him in order to polish the character more

    37. Natto Nep says:

      When you test him out and he has the "Get Swifty" emote.
      The best 350 Gleamium I've never spent.

    38. Petey Quills says:

      why have us watch you watch a video with the sound off?

    39. Ccubed92 says:

      Everyone is gonna be considered broken at this point when coming out. It's crazy how broken is overused now days.

    40. loving how every new character is “absolutely broken” 😂

    41. Player Rida says:

      when a learnt the name of his up attack move we had faith for a new anime character –

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