Riding scary HARD Enduro on my T7 | EP #004

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๐Ÿ – Llel Pavey
๐ŸŽฅ – Si Pavey & Llel Pavey
๐ŸŽฌ – Joe Brashaw & Llel Pavey

The T7 venture finale is right here. It is one of many funnest movies I’ve ever made. This bike is really indescribable. I’ve loved using it as a lot as I’ve some other bike I’ve ‘owned’.

It is very good, simple and so good to stay with, however it’s additionally dramatically succesful. A number of the using on this video was additionally very good.


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    38 Replies to “Riding scary HARD Enduro on my T7 | EP #004”

    1. ILMQRS says:

      Epic stuff, Llel! Thank you!

    2. A professional rider calling a hill terrifying – humbling๐Ÿ‘

    3. Tony Lucente says:

      Love your videos, but why did you choose the T7 over the 701 LR?ย 
      It's much lighter & more maneuverable that I think it'd be much better than the T7.

    4. Yamaha ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฟ WOOHOO ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ huashuashuas!

    5. Dan Korolyk says:

      Good on you to tackle those trails on that big bike,brilliant country as well!

    6. Fire10180 says:

      Beautiful riding. Hope to be half as good as you are on my t7 someday lol

    7. Llel, have you ridden the Tuareg yet? I own a T7 and I love it. Test rode (currently uploading vid) a Tuareg today and it was a fantastic bike, completely blew me away!

    8. SmokinZen says:

      Very cool feeling good about my T7 never will I get those skills but fun to see you could make the bike do it.

    9. Paul Barton says:

      Wowsers! Epic filming and great riding. Kudos

    10. Standard suspension or modified

    11. Nice… Where is it? It looks like Monchique… ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    12. K PD says:

      Nice video! I'm not a fan of tight single track where you're constantly concerned about whacking trees with your handlebars and taking a spill

    13. G Pg says:

      Awsome what I just saw. My final thought is that the T7 is too heavy for ordinary people, I mean people who don't have any of your skills. Of course going off road doesn't mean you have to do everything you just did, but if you don't have good skills, it's better something lighter. Anyway this is only my opinion. Thanks to you and your fantastic Dad too for the video, really grea!

    14. Terry Rance says:

      Very good , I really enjoyed that.

    15. faosa73 says:

      Challenge two was shot in the Algarve, correct?

    16. Joel Silva says:

      Hey mate!
      The challenge six was make to go up. When is wet is tricky! But well done ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
      Sรฃo Brรกs de Alportel is a paradise trail riding.

      Keep going with great content

    17. The bike looks amazing, but it takes someone like you with your riding ability to make it shine. The only way I'd be able to do most of those trails is on a [pedal] mountain bike. I'm glad your videography is so awesome so we all get to enjoy it! I didn't realize the bike had to go back at the end, which is sad because I'd like to see you on it much more!

    18. The 333 says:

      Wow, this was awesome! Cool to see the T7 taken to it's limits. I am a T7 owner (with no where near your skill level) and I love the bike – even with it's stock tuning and suspension – for the way I ride it, it handles the basic off road ADV challenges really nicely. I love my T7 for sure. Bravo. Subscribed.

    19. Ms Vlogs says:

      Watching from Mizoram India

    20. Eric Smith says:

      Proper soundtrack๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    21. 6Twisted says:

      Love the engine, I don't fancy picking up 205kg in the mud though ๐Ÿ˜… The MT-07 is 181kg, how have they managed to add another 24kg to an "offroad" bike?

    22. Stu Breslin says:

      great vid cheers mate!!

    23. Ben Lucareli says:

      Fantastic video, and a great series on the T7! The filming and production quality on this was top notch. What did y'all eventually figure out about the problem with the Sherco?

    24. It's funny watching a project like this but then at the end we all ask "Why?".
      Fer teh lolz. Teh lolz, Son!

    25. David Clark says:

      You are ready to be a dirt chimp! Take this bike to BC next year!

    26. Chris Davis says:

      Life's better when you're riding.

    27. L Hurst says:

      Just order the same suspension a few hours ago, after this video I'm glad I did.

    28. Was gonna buy a T7 but the market wouldnt let me so i caught a Suzuki1050XT …i would redo again i d love to have a chance this time

    29. How would a 701 be in the same scenarios comparse to the t7? Will you try that?

    30. Dear Llel, how you manage to find what to change in the bike to make it "ideal" to you? Would you be so kind to share with us the set up?

    31. I'm not a yamaha fan boy, but they would have to pry that T7 from my cold dead hands. Epic build.

    32. John Oliver says:

      I see you ride a lot in PT. Do you live there?

    33. Mark Lister says:

      Great series of videos on the T7. I'd like to know how this modified bike now compares to a standard KTM 890 Adventure R. Without doing the maths, I think the KTM would be the cheaper bike? How would it stack up against this absolutely stunning and super cool T7? ๐Ÿค”

    34. Jason Fagan says:

      What tyres where you using for this test and would you recommend them for the wet British winter?

    35. Camilla S says:

      Awesome video, well done Llel. Appreciated the honest narration too, great filming and had a chuckle at the twist at the end. Great work!

    36. Incredible transformation, incredible riding skills and an incredibly great video. The only problem I saw, was you completely destroyed my list of T 700 excuses. Now I can only blame myself and my less than good riding skills.

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